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    #52325 - 08/11/09 07:32 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: melmichigan]
    Cricket2 Offline

    Registered: 05/11/09
    Posts: 2172
    Loc: Colorado
    Thanks Melissa. I appreciate all of the volunteer time that you are putting into getting this to work well for all of us.
    Study Strategies for Accelerated Learners

    #52329 - 08/11/09 07:52 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: crisc]
    renie1 Offline

    Registered: 05/04/09
    Posts: 229
    hi melissa
    i started by DD5 accidentally at 2nd grade level (her brothers grade), so it started her at 1.6.. she is not even in K yet.. but she did do great on the first lesson (85%). But i'd like to backtrack and see the names of the K lessons to make sure she knows the concepts. But i only see first grade lessons.. thinking maybe there are no real K lessons as this is for gifted? not sure. Also, do you know if the curriculum is spiraling (repeats concepts but in greater detail every so often)?
    thanks, and this is a wonderful tool!

    #52330 - 08/11/09 08:03 AM Re: Interested in group? [Re: melmichigan]
    renie1 Offline

    Registered: 05/04/09
    Posts: 229
    is anyone doing the EPGY now? i am having trouble getting past, Welcome (childs name)!.. the link to get to lessons seems to be not working .. have tried several times.. hoping just a momentary glitch.

    #52331 - 08/11/09 08:06 AM Re: Interested in group? [Re: renie1]
    renie1 Offline

    Registered: 05/04/09
    Posts: 229

    #52332 - 08/11/09 08:08 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: renie1]
    melmichigan Offline

    Registered: 09/05/08
    Posts: 679
    To see more about the concepts covered please go here. and click on the grade.

    I agree that it pretty much starts at 1st from what I can see but begins with a review of basic K concepts when I compared it to my Singapore Math books. Hope that helps! The recommendation is that 80% correct is a good place to shoot for as far as level goes. 50% and less you would want to move her down.
    EPGY OE Volunteer Group Leader

    #52334 - 08/11/09 08:21 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: melmichigan]
    CrystalPalace Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 07/21/09
    Posts: 5
    I followed chris1234 instructions on looking up previous grade material. However, somehow I did not find the 'set' concept under grade 1. i.e. Which is a set?, Empty set, Equal sets, Union of Sets. Neither under Grade 2 for: Finding sets of numbers satisfying two inequalities, Set notation for finding sets .e.t.c.

    In short, I did not find the Set Concept under grade 1 or 2. Can anyone assist me in locating this topic? I presume that the Lesson Contents are completely covered in the program.

    #52336 - 08/11/09 09:07 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: CrystalPalace]
    Wei-I Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 07/14/09
    Posts: 25
    Loc: Los Angeles
    My son did sets at the beginning of Grade 3. Empty sets, subsets, adding sets.... etc.

    I realize that EPGY is recommending getting 80% correct. Having worked on it, I actually think that is too low, at least for my son. At what seems to be an accurate placement, he scores about 90% overall. Higher in some areas, lower in others. To pass their final, you have to get 85% (I think. If not, 80%) . The student effectively gets two chances at answering the question, so at the first attempt 80% makes sense. But at the second time around, I think it needs to be higher. On the calendar/sessions area, you can replay the sessions and see how what percent your child is getting on the first and second attempt.

    #52350 - 08/11/09 11:28 AM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: Wei-I]
    Another Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 07/06/09
    Posts: 10
    Incidentally, we are also using the expensive version currently at Grade 3.5x. The "Set" concept is formally introduced in Grade 3, but informally in the lower grades as "Counting in Groups". The titles of the concepts are somewhat overkill for the actual materials introduced in the lower grades. Our experience with the questions is that either you know how to work out the answers or you don't. There are essentially no tricky questions at all. So the progress is like a period of near 100 %, until the next unfamiliar concept; and then after mastery, another period of near 100 %, and so forth; in particular, since the program allows 2 attempts for each question, careless wrong answers are reduced to almost zero. We find that the learning process is more efficient to complement the program with some offline tutoring on the unfamiliar concepts. Overall, the breadth of the concepts introduced is richer than other sources that we have encountered.

    Thanks Melissa and Chris for their effort and time in volunteering for the SSA.

    #52358 - 08/11/09 02:31 PM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: Another]
    Edwin Offline

    Registered: 05/23/08
    Posts: 307
    Loc: California
    So far, not bad. Yesterday was our first day. Took some time to get our home computer to work, but figured it out. In filling out DS7s info I used grade 4 and age 7. The program started at 3.5. It is somewhat easy but a good start for understanding the program and how it works. We will keep moving forward, and see how it goes.

    DS now 7, hasn't done any math since being out for the summer. He forgot his multiplcation table's. The math race is bothering him a little. I like it as a review tool, he likes the game, he is just upset that he can't remember.

    #52365 - 08/11/09 05:15 PM Re: Interested in EPGY group? [Re: Edwin]
    crisc Offline

    Registered: 12/12/07
    Posts: 485
    Loc: New England
    We also did our first session tonight. I wish I had known that I should have not put DS6 at only grade 2. He started at level 1.5 and told me it was "too easy". He got 100% in his 20 minute session. I think I might wait until I can move him up a few levels before I have him do anymore.

    Also the language arts says LAW1 but when we run the course it is asking him to take a 6th grade test. Just guessing he did get a few right but he definitely needs to be at level 1 or 2 for this...

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