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    #45368 - 04/23/09 10:24 AM Anything I should be doing at the moment?
    xoxosmom Offline

    Registered: 09/03/08
    Posts: 60
    Loc: California
    Hi all. smile I have been reading post's but haven't had much to share since we are still in a holding pattern regarding ds's education. Recap: DS(7) is in 1st grade waiting on an end of the 2nd grade year exam that was supposed to happen before Spring Break. Teacher went on maternity leave mid-year and seems overwhelmed throughout this school year.

    As far as I know DS has not been tested. We just came back from spring break this week so hopefully they will get right to it. I emailed the teacher asking how testing went and asked for a meeting to discuss ds's option's with her and the principal. I am awaiting a response.

    I have not hot-housed at all. I was going to but then thought better of it. If he is missing key components I felt it would be in his best interest that it was transparent. That way I can ask for materials that sync with the curriculum and teach him over the summer in the event of a grade skip. This could backfire of course but I still went with my gut and haven't supplemented at all.

    I am feeling apprehensive about the coming up meeting. blush Since I am getting anxious I though it would be a good idea to post a follow-up here and ask if there is anything I should be doing in anticipation of the future meeting?

    Thanks for your support.

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    #45373 - 04/23/09 10:37 AM Re: Anything I should be doing at the moment? [Re: xoxosmom]
    BWBShari Offline

    Registered: 10/24/08
    Posts: 1167
    Loc: NM

    As i'm sure you've heard a hundred times on here, the key to your son's education is your education.... Here is a link for the DYS guidebook on effective advocating, it makes some interesting points and it will give you something to do instead of standing around stressing!
    Mom to DS 10, DS 11, DS 13
    Ability doesn't make us, Choices do!

    #45378 - 04/23/09 10:55 AM Re: Anything I should be doing at the moment? [Re: BWBShari]
    Grinity Offline

    Registered: 12/13/05
    Posts: 7207
    Loc: Connecticut

    I think that if hothousing doesn't feel right, can you get a bit of afterschooling going - 1) to get him used to the idea that he can work at challenging material
    2) So you get an idea of what he is like as a learner, and can speak to this at any future meetings
    3) to keep his love of learning going?

    Personally, I love the idea of hothousing, because you are giving the schoolies a lot of credit to imagine that they will be able to see your child in a complicated way. I'm more in favor of presenting a simple, memorable story with a 'sound bite' type of bottom line. Just my sad life story. If they haven't started testing yet, you still have time.

    Sad to say that one has to 'sell' there position to the school, and it certianly shouldn't be that way, but most people don't have much imagination, and are much more focused on a check list of 'have it/don't have it' skills. Sadly, the abstract thinking that my son was so impressive at, wasn't even on their radar screen. What impressive elementary school folks is mastery of skill like telling time, reading and math facts. Even 'reading comprehension' is measured in concrete ways: 'In paragraph 4, what color was the Father's Tie?'

    I hope that helps, I would SO love to be wrong here. In the end, I still say: 'Trust your Gut' (just make sure your gut understand that the world isn't full of other Gifties.)
    Coaching available, at

    #45382 - 04/23/09 11:37 AM Re: Anything I should be doing at the moment? [Re: Grinity]
    Dazed&Confuzed Offline

    Registered: 04/05/08
    Posts: 1815
    Grinity - I have to agree. There was no avenue for DS to even show his abstract thinking. It really is skill mastery at this level. And unfortunately, my DS wasn't a computation whiz like many gifties which is more readily obvious and measurable and I think more to impress elementary school folk. there's no opportunity for theorizing about the nature of shape of galaxies due to the presence of super-black holes at their center due to his knowledge of gravity influencing the shapes of planets.

    #45391 - 04/23/09 12:53 PM Re: Anything I should be doing at the moment? [Re: Dazed&Confuzed]
    xoxosmom Offline

    Registered: 09/03/08
    Posts: 60
    Loc: California
    Thanks everyone. I rush typed my post and didn't have a chance to proofread before submitting. blush I guess I am more apprehensive than I originally thought.

    Shari thanks for the link. I wonder how I missed that advocacy guidebook it is an excellent resource I can use.

    Grinity and Dazed & Confused. Once again I learn from your words of wisdom. The Principal is the one who brought up grade skipping and expect's it is the best way to proceed at the moment. The teacher has acknowledged she hasn't kept up with him academically but hasn't offered anything beyond mild supplementation of 2nd grade materials. confused

    I looked up CA's 2nd grade standard's and I am confidant he know's the majority of them and most of 3rd grade too. I am going to print them out and go over them more thoroughly and assess what ds knows and doesn't for myself. We have been hesitant to grade skip but the more it has been on the table the more dh and I feel that it is the best possible way to proceed. Especially since I get the impression that he will not be able to get any sort of differentiation before 3rd grade. At least in 3rd grade and beyond they have a teacher in every grade that has taken courses in gifted education. He will also have access to the GATE coordinator and GATE program.

    Afterschooling would get him back on track as far as giving him challenging work and re-adjusting his attitude to it. I have noticed some resistance to thinking things through if it isn't easy. I have even contemplated pulling him out of school daily right after lunch to supplement his education myself but didn't want to hinder the little progress we have had getting the school to accommodate him. Has anyone ever done that? Our time after-school is limited because of his along with his sibling's sport's and church activities. We like to also give the kids some play time.

    Thank you again. Now I have some advocacy resources and things to do while waiting. Any more thoughts?

    #45393 - 04/23/09 01:25 PM Re: Anything I should be doing at the moment? [Re: xoxosmom]
    Dazed&Confuzed Offline

    Registered: 04/05/08
    Posts: 1815
    A friend of mine does part-time HSing. She picks up her DSs either just before or after lunch, can't recall which. She loves it. Our state does not allow it.


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