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    #44248 - 04/11/09 06:54 AM Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity
    rcwill Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/11/09
    Posts: 2
    My 3rd Grade daughter is currently awaiting results of the GT selection board. We are new to NoVa this year from California.
    She took the CoGat in October as a new student and had some strange results -
    Verbal 132 (98%)
    Nonverbal 128 (96%)
    Quantitative 94 (35%)!
    This gave her a composite of 120 (89%).
    We were very surprised by these results since one of her strengths is math. I did some research and talked to the GT resource teacher at the school, and it appears that she did poorly on the areas that required speed processing - especially math.

    The GT resources teacher recommended that we have her tested at GMU. We paid the $350 and they had her take the WISC-IV-- There were some disparate results for that test too --

    The GMU tester recommended that my daughter's GAI be used for evaluation in the final report. Her FSIQ was 126, but her GAI was 140 (99.6%). Again she did poorly in areas that required speed or working memory. She has never diagnosed or considered for ADHD, has a tremednous attention span - but is a perfectionist.

    Her WISC-IV Scores look like this:

    VCI: 138 99th Very Superior
    PRI: 129 97th Superior
    WMI: 99 47th Average
    PSI: 106 66th Average
    GAI: 140 99.6th Very Superior
    FSIQ: 126
    Does anybody have any thoughts on how Fairfax GT will handle these types of scores?

    #44267 - 04/11/09 11:38 AM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    BethG Offline

    Registered: 04/01/09
    Posts: 61
    Loc: NoVA
    I am curious what answers you get, but alas I am no help. My DD7 is a second grader in FCPS and we are awaiting word on whether she makes the GT program next year. She also had uneven CogAT scores. Did your DD also take the Naglieri? Or is that only given to second graders?

    Did you include her WISC scores in the original application?
    Mom to DD9 and DD3

    #44297 - 04/11/09 06:23 PM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    NCmom2 Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 02/20/09
    Posts: 47
    My daughter has a large disparity between her FSIQ and her GAI too. She is also a perfectionist but shows no symptoms of ADHD or LD.

    Here is an interesting link about using the GAI in place of the FSIQ.

    The weight of processing skills in the Full Scale IQ calculation has doubled, with a consequent reduction in the weight assigned to reasoning tasks (verbal, visual-spatial and mathematical). Testers of the gifted know that abstract reasoning tasks best identify cognitive giftedness, while processing skills measures do not. Gifted children with or without disabilities may be painstaking, reflective and perfectionistic on paper-and-pencil tasks, lowering their Processing Speed Index scores; to a lesser degree, they may struggle when asked to recall non-meaningful material (Digit Span, Letter-Number Sequencing), lowering their Working Memory Index, even though they excel on meaningful auditory memory tasks that pique their interest.

    #44318 - 04/12/09 05:11 AM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    eema Offline

    Registered: 03/13/08
    Posts: 379
    I can't give you any advice about your district, but I share your frustration since DS11 has a GAI of 140 and and FSIQ of 121. He also has two 19's and two 18's on verbal subtests.

    He goes to a private school, but I do know that our public school system now looks at GAI and not FSIQ.

    Good luck!

    #44476 - 04/13/09 05:57 PM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: BethG]
    rcwill Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/11/09
    Posts: 2
    Yes, after the CoGat, the GT resource teacher recommended we get the George Mason eval to put in her packet. I had asked about the Naglieri, and the GT teacher said they only give it to 2nd graders...

    #45381 - 04/23/09 10:59 AM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    supercrunch Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 09/21/08
    Posts: 33
    We are also in the Ffx county "second grade pool" waiting to hear back from the selection committee.
    I have been stalking the mailman for the past week or so wink

    My dd had a 135 on the NNAT and a 133 composite on the Cogat.(I think the breakdown was V:122 NV:131 Q:131). I am constantly second guessing what I put in her portfolio, and wondering what else I should add if she doesn't get in. (We would likely do testing at GMU)

    Your dd has the minimum score of 132 on the verbal section. I would think that together with the breakdown of the WISC scores, input from her teachers, and whatever you or the school may have submitted in her portfolio, she should be covered.

    If she is found "ineligible" you can always appeal if you have more information you can include in her file.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

    #45468 - 04/24/09 10:28 AM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    lanfan Offline

    Registered: 09/24/08
    Posts: 180
    I think the 138 verbal and her COGAT are more than enough. She'll be fine.

    #45650 - 04/27/09 08:36 AM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    lanfan Offline

    Registered: 09/24/08
    Posts: 180
    I had another thought. Do you have any thought on why the quant score was so low comparatively? If there is a true deficit in math somehow you may want to think hard before sending them into the county GT program. The program has a very heavy focus on Math acceleration. If they do get in you may want to spend some time over the summer evaluating math skills and seeing if they need some enrichment to get up to speed. I would think with the overall scores you have there is an excellent chance you'll get in so you may want to get ready.

    #45733 - 04/27/09 02:35 PM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: lanfan]
    DrH Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 02/15/09
    Posts: 40
    If she is a perfectionist there is a chance she is causing her scores to be lower because she is unsure of an answer and when she is unsure she isn't bothering to even answer. I've a daughter that is like that, I had to explain to her that when you have eliminated several answers as not being right that you should guess from the ones remaining to increase your score. At 11 I'm guessing she might not understand that concept and it could lead to lower scores.

    #45768 - 04/27/09 05:40 PM Re: Fairfax Co WISC-IV GAI and FSIQ disparity [Re: rcwill]
    jquelineg Offline
    New Member

    Registered: 04/27/09
    Posts: 1
    Same thing happened with my daughter and I had GMU submit the GAI with the full Scale IQ. Your child should defintely get in!


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