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    #354 - 08/10/06 12:50 PM district doesn't recognize hi VCI as gifted!!!
    willagayle Offline

    Registered: 06/08/06
    Posts: 400
    Loc: Minnesota
    oh sheesh. bear in mind that Mite's VCI was 136, with indication of stress anxiety and perfectionism having strong effect on testing. His PRI, WMI and PSI, in my opinion, were invalid because of his disability with his hands (dyspraxia/graphomotor type).

    I just found out the school district doesn't count a hi VCI as gifted!!!! Also, the school psychologist doesn't know what twice exceptionality is!!!

    Here is an email from the school psychologist..

    "In reference to your question, it depends how giftedness is defined. A component of the measurement of giftedness can consist of the overall score on an IQ test. I recall some definitions that refer to an overall score of 130 (98th percentile, very superior range) or higher. I am unclear on the meaning of "twice exceptionality."

    While we were not evaluating Mite for giftedness, he certainly obtained some very superior verbal subtest scores. That information should be helpful to [Name of Gifted Coordinator for District] as he will be the one to determine whether Mite meets the district's definition of giftedness."

    THEN the district gifted coordinator said...

    "The best answer I can give is "I think so." As I recall my conversation with Mike (whom you should probably call for verification) Mite has some VERY high aptitudes, coupled with some difficulties (no surprise to you, I gather). My
    take was that - regardless of specific placement
    (cluster/noncluster & IEP or not)- it would be wise for his teacher(s) to be aware that there were "dual exceptionalities" noted.

    I was not involved in the in take/testing/assessment other
    than to call [school psychologist quoted above] and chat with [principal].

    I would hope Mite would be placed with the teacher(s) most
    able to differentiate for his profile."

    Not in the least Dr. Gifted and Dr. School Psychologist.

    What do We do now?
    Willa Gayle

    #355 - 08/10/06 09:13 PM Re: district doesn't recognize hi VCI as gifted!!!
    Grinity Offline

    Registered: 12/13/05
    Posts: 7207
    Loc: Connecticut
    Hi Willa -
    What's VCI stand for?
    Coaching available, at

    #356 - 08/11/06 12:54 AM Re: district doesn't recognize hi VCI as gifted!!!
    willagayle Offline

    Registered: 06/08/06
    Posts: 400
    Loc: Minnesota
    the wisc verbal comprehension score, which from everything I've read, when over 130 indicates giftedness even if the other scores don't fall in line.
    Willa Gayle

    #357 - 08/14/06 04:13 AM Re: district doesn't recognize hi VCI as gifted!!!
    mayreeh Offline

    Registered: 02/20/06
    Posts: 156
    Loc: AL
    Wow! I have heard that many school districts only look at the VCI - to the exception of all other sections - since it is such a strong indicator of success in the classroom.

    I think I would try to fight that if I were you.

    Have you read the 'Is it a Cheetah' article? Maybe you should send a copy to the gifted coordinator?


    #358 - 08/16/06 05:31 AM Re: district doesn't recognize hi VCI as gifted!!!
    willagayle Offline

    Registered: 06/08/06
    Posts: 400
    Loc: Minnesota
    I talked with the principal, finally, who is a nice chap. He says HE KNOWS Mite is highly gifted, probably higher than the tests show. He knows Mite pretty well. Anyhow, the principal HAS included him in the 3rd grade gifted cluster and seemed somewhat open to the suggestion of grade acceleration.
    Willa Gayle


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