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    #31907 - 12/02/08 08:22 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: Kriston]
    st pauli girl Offline

    Registered: 01/29/08
    Posts: 1917
    DS and I liked your DS's joke too! Cute.

    As for our DS4, I think my warped sense of humor is rubbing off. We were at grammy's yesterday, and he wanted to use her egg slicer for some hard-boiled eggs. He picked up a peeled egg and said "hey egg, i've got a nice new office chair here for you. Want to try it out?" Then he put the egg in the slicer and pretended to be the egg, and said "wow, this is really nice. Wait a minute what are those sharp things, aaaaaah!"

    #31909 - 12/02/08 08:40 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: st pauli girl]
    incogneato Offline

    Registered: 10/25/07
    Posts: 2231
    Loc: up in my head.......
    I've just now been able to sit and read this thread! Great stories, thanks for sharing! They all made me smile!

    I love the playing with words and puns, they are so cute when they put that stuff together.

    Shelly, I have to say, your 4yo not only playing with multiplication, but putting into meaningful context, WOW!

    Definately support that math talent!

    #31913 - 12/02/08 09:18 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: incogneato]
    crisc Offline

    Registered: 12/12/07
    Posts: 485
    Loc: New England
    I love reading this thread.

    Here's my latest awe moment from DS5.
    Last week out of the blue he discovered a "math rule". He told me that 2 times a number + 3 times a number is always 5 times the same number. He proceed to do this all the way up to around 10 to fully test his rule. I then took the opportunity to show him how to write 2x + 3x = 5x. He was in heaven. I was truly amazed that he was able to not only see a math pattern but also to define what he considered to be a math rule. No wonder 1st grade math is not cutting it.

    As far as my DD4 this is just a quickie on her art talent. She has been amazing me with her art work lately. She has moved from flower and hearts galore to detailed buildings and abstract colorful patterns. My refrigerator is covered.

    And just because I don't want to leave out DS2- I can do a brag on his ability to make his own track designs with the Geotracks. He is train obsessed and spends hours each day playing independently with these trains.

    Thanks for letting me share.

    #31916 - 12/02/08 09:31 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: crisc]
    Cathy A Offline

    Registered: 05/26/07
    Posts: 1783
    Loc: West coast, USA
    Crisc, your son's amazing algebra example reminded me of something else:

    DS6 just finished the second disk of Descartes' Cove with me. He told me he wanted to skip to the algebra disk after that. The first problem on the algebra disk was

    Given that x+y=586, what is 2x+2y?

    DS asked me what x and y were and I told him we don't know, but that they are two numbers that add up to 586. He thought for a minute and then said, so 2x+2y would be 2 times 586. Then he worked that out on paper by himself.

    I was impressed!

    #31936 - 12/02/08 01:11 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: Cathy A]
    minniemarx Offline

    Registered: 10/31/08
    Posts: 466
    Wow, Crisc and Cathy! Great stories! It would be so fun to get all these kids together for a great big playdate!!

    We were at the playground this morning, and Chico (3) was swinging. He heard another child ask for an under-duck, so he decided he'd like a big push, too, but he thought "duck" was insufficiently specific (we spend a certain amount of time bird-watching)--so he asked for an under-hooded merganser, an under-surf scoter, an under-northern pintail, an under-greater scaup.........

    I was supposed to make the appropriate bird call for all of these while I was pushing him, but I, um, faked it.


    #31937 - 12/02/08 01:17 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: minniemarx]
    Cathy A Offline

    Registered: 05/26/07
    Posts: 1783
    Loc: West coast, USA
    Originally Posted By: minniemarx
    I, um, faked it.

    Hee-hee! I wouldn't even know how to fake it whistle

    When I was a kid we used to call them "underdogs". I'd probably do better faking the barks of different dog breeds.

    #32052 - 12/03/08 05:45 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: Cathy A]
    skyward Offline

    Registered: 03/23/08
    Posts: 123
    Loc: midwest
    We had an exciting baby day today. Our littlest DD3m scooted across the floor and giggled. So cute.

    #32053 - 12/03/08 06:30 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: skyward]
    mamaandmore Offline

    Registered: 07/20/07
    Posts: 198
    DS6 discovered the Fantastic Contraption website. I stuck it in his bookmark folder a few months ago when it was posted here and just let it sit there for him to discover. I didn't even have to show him how it worked, he figured it out all on his own and is on the last level after just a few hours working on it.

    I don't know if that's so unusual, but as a completely non-visual spatial person who gave up on the game after level 6 (the asymmetry of my contraptions was too much for me to handle, lol) I was really impressed! I definitely think we'll be investing in the paid version.

    #32159 - 12/04/08 02:55 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: mamaandmore]
    acs Offline

    Registered: 03/05/07
    Posts: 797
    DS13 had a bad day yesterday. Someone canceled the bus that was supposed to bring him back from the high school to middle school after math class. He went to the HS office and called the middle school and got the bus ordered. But he was late for 2nd period in the middle school. Since they were doing state mandated testing he didn't want to be late he ran past the MS office right to the room where the testing was going on and just made it for the start of the test. After the test, he went to the office to get his paperwork for being tardy in order and was instead slapped with a detention for not stopping at the office on his way in to second period.

    I was pretty mad that they just left my DS sitting at the HS and almost called the school. But instead I asked DS if he would like to try to take care of things today. We brainstormed some options and today he talked to the principal directly about what had happened. He got an apology for there being no bus and she had the detention taken off his record!

    I am so proud that he can handle these complications with just a little coaching from me whistle.

    #32165 - 12/04/08 03:32 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: Dottie]
    Kriston Offline

    Registered: 09/19/07
    Posts: 6145
    Loc: Midwest
    Wow! That's so great, acs!

    Gosh, I'm proud for him and I've never met him! laugh
    Mom to DS13 and DS10

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