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    #250329 - 06/09/23 05:54 PM Interpretation of results, please
    purpleviolin Offline

    Registered: 05/27/11
    Posts: 89
    My son was evaluated by school and following are what they provided:

    Similarity 140
    Vocab 135
    Figure weights 125
    Matrix reasoning 145
    Digit Span 135
    Picture Span 105
    Visual puzzle 140
    Block design 115
    coding 100
    symbol search 95

    Woodcock Johnson IV
    basic reading 121
    Reading Comprehension 126
    Reading Fluency 119
    Math calculation 113
    Math Solving 116
    written expression 129
    Letter -word 122
    Word attack 116
    passage Comprehension 136
    Reading Recall 107
    Calculation 121
    Math facts fluency 101
    Spelling 113
    Writing Samples 139
    Sentence Writing Fluency 107

    He was diagnosed Convergence Insufficiency. He was also diagnosed ADHD by his pediatrician (a simple diagnosis), which we still have doubts as he does not respond to medication.

    Can anyone please help interpret to see if there might be other issues?

    Thanks in advance!

    #250333 - 06/12/23 03:22 AM Re: Interpretation of results, please [Re: purpleviolin]
    13umm Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/03/23
    Posts: 38
    (I am not a professional and am only a teenager. However, I studied a lot about WISC (both -V and -IV) interpretation. I would suggest using our resident expert Aeh's opinion because I am not formally educated in this and might have blind spots. Just added this because the comments below sounded very authoritative and confident.)

    Anything which is reported with a 145 is equivalent to a 19 which is the highest subtest score possible without extended norms.

    However, since your son hasn't hit any other ceilings, most psychologists would be hesitant to calculate extended norms, and you don't have the raw score to do it yourself. He will likely hit more ceilings in a few years based on his two 18s and one 19.

    Traditionally, subtest scores are reported as scaled scores. I can convert your subtest scores into scaled scores.

    Similarity 18
    Vocab 17
    Figure weights 15
    Matrix reasoning 19
    Digit Span 17
    Picture Span 11
    Visual puzzle 18
    Block design 13
    coding 10
    symbol search 9

    His VCI and FRI are highest, followed by his VSI and WMI, and finally PSI.

    Visual puzzles was actually in range of or even higher than the FRI and VCI mean subtest scores. Block design includes an element of distinguishing figure ground and looking at identical shapes, so convergence insufficiency could have attenuated his block design scores.

    #250335 - 06/12/23 03:30 AM Re: Interpretation of results, please [Re: purpleviolin]
    13umm Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/03/23
    Posts: 38
    If picture span rises on retest in two or more years but block design and the PSI stay the same, motor skills might also be incommensurate with reasoning ability. However, it is impossible to know whether convergence insufficiency or convergence insufficiency and motor weaknesses are attenuating certain subtest scores based on the scores provided.

    #250336 - 06/12/23 03:30 AM Re: Interpretation of results, please [Re: purpleviolin]
    13umm Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/03/23
    Posts: 38
    ADHD could also lower the PSI and WMI subtests.

    #250351 - 07/05/23 05:25 PM Re: Interpretation of results, please [Re: purpleviolin]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 4034
    Your DC has some very nice strong to exceptional scores! Especially in the cognitive and academic tasks most reliant on higher-level thinking and reasoning.

    13umm has helpfully listed the scaled scores, and is correct in the decreasing order of index scores. I would probably have grouped them a bit more as:

    VCI/FRI are in the 140s (>99.5th %ile) (extremely high--highly gifted)
    VSI is in the 130s (98th %ile) (extremely high--moderately gifted)
    WMI is in the 120s (93rd %ile) (very high)--but probably best interpreted at the subtest level, given the wide disparity between them
    PSI is in the 90s (45th %ile) (average)

    GAI is in the 140s (99.7th %ile) (extremely high--highly gifted)

    I also would have liked to know if all three conditions of Digit Span were the same, or if, by any chance, the DSForward was lower than the others, and more similar to Picture Span. This is a pattern often observed in students with attentional weaknesses (they do better on digits backward and sequencing than on forward).

    It may or may not be that ADHD is the correct diagnosis, or that the medication is the correct medication. That would be a conversation to continue with your on-site professionals. But I will note that many of the tasks with lower performance are ones that can be lower in ADHD, including picture span and reading recall. Lower processing speed performance may be related to either ADHD or convergence insufficiency, or both, and was observed on the PSI subtests, math facts fluency, and sentence writing fluency. I should note, though that these could also be explained by fine motor speed. Block Design was also lower than its partner subtest, which, again, might have to do with visual or motor inefficiency. In support of the fine-motor speed hypothesis, reading fluency was within expected limits (based on measured cognition).

    I would consider further investigation of fine-motor skills (typically through an occupational therapy evaluation, which could be obtained through your PCP or school-based team), looking at multiple aspects, for example, visual perception, motor coordination, visual-motor integration, fine motor speed and handwriting legibility and speed. If convergence therapy is in progress, you may wish to discuss the timing of any OT evals, since it may be difficult to tease out whether any weaknesses are connected to CI or fine motor impairmments at the moment.
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