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    #250209 - 03/11/23 12:20 PM WAIS profile interpretation
    Callistro Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 08/12/22
    Posts: 4
    Hello, my 16 y.o. son has received his WAIS profile.

    How would you interpret this profile, especially in regard to the FSIQ and the question of gifted/non-gifted, considering that his profile is to some extent "antithetical" to the usual gifted profile from what i've read?

    His verbal comprehension and perceptual reasoning were both around 120 (VCI 122, PRI 119), resulting in a GAI of 122 but his CPI was significantly stronger, with working memory at 135 and Processing speed 125. The FSIQ was at 130.

    The subtest scores for PRI were BD with 12 SS, VP with 11 SS and MR with 16 SS. I might add that they also administered the Figure Weights subtest in which he got 15 SS, so his fluid reasoning seems to be better then his visuo-spatial thinking, but WAIS PRI seems to put more weight on the latter then fluid reasoning, although i'm sure there are reasons for it.

    I would appreciate your feedback very much.

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    #250213 - 03/15/23 08:14 PM Re: WAIS profile interpretation [Re: Callistro]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 4008

    In general, one should start from the FSIQ, which has the strongest psychometric properties. From that standpoint, these data are consistent with GT identification.

    With regard to the profile, it may be helpful to look at the range of index scores obtained, which is actually not as hugely disparate as might first appear. From top to bottom, the indices span 16 points, which is just barely over one standard deviation. And the clustering is not really between GAI and CPI, but is a relative strength in WMI. Look at the other three indices, which span only 6 points among them.

    Now consider the subtests and how they appear to cluster. Within the PRI, there are two average subtests (VS) and two Very Superior subtests (FR), as you note. In fact, if you break out the skills, what you see is visual spatial skills in the upper end of the Average range (this is the most like a relative weakness), verbal comprehension and processing speed in the Superior range, and fluid reasoning and working memory in the Very Superior range. PS is not unusually high compared to the others; it's actually nearly identical to VC. And WM is not unusually high; it's nearly identical to FR.

    These latter two areas (FR and WM) happen to be the two cognitive clusters most closely associated with math achievement. (In fact, the WISC-V combines FW from the FRI and the analog of Arithmetic from the WAIS-IV WMI into a secondary cluster called Quantitative Reasoning.) Sometimes the VSI has relationship to math achievement, but with such strong abstract thinking skills, there are likely to be multiple cognitive workarounds for any relative limitations in spatial reasoning skills. I would say this profile predicts a learner who is decently strong in language-based thinking skills, but even better at math, especially abstract math.

    In short, this is reasonably interpretable as a GT profile that is not particularly unusual for a learner who is gifted in math.
    ...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...

    #250220 - 03/19/23 04:04 PM Re: WAIS profile interpretation [Re: aeh]
    Callistro Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 08/12/22
    Posts: 4
    Alright, thanks, that was quite a helpful response and a completely different way of looking at!

    Well, his Arithmetic subtest score was at 14 SS, so his QR probably wouldn't reach impressive heights, but it would doubtlessly be above average. And in the end, his overall FR would be far above average.


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