Over the years, several threads and posts on this Gifted Issues Discussion Forum appear to be from adults seeking life direction. The following article may be of interest in addressing some aspects of moving forward with confidence and a positive sense of purpose and wellbeing.

The Wounds of Being 'Too Intense'
by Imi Lo, Living With Emotional Intensity
August 19, 2020
Psychology Today

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Therapy for gifted adults is an emerging field; many with traditional mental health training have little knowledge of it.
Are you an emotionally intense and highly sensitive person?
Are you a fast learner?
Do you often feel out-of-place in the world?
Do you get excited easily, and your creative inspirations keep you up at night?
Do you 'absorb' other people's feelings and energies to the point where crowds and social settings are overwhelming for you?
Do you set extremely high standards for yourself or are deemed as a perfectionist by those around you? Do you challenge authority?
Do you have a strong autonomous drive and a need to work independently?
Do you get frustrated when you witness injustice or corruption in the world and struggle to tolerate other people's ignorance or apathy?
Do you downplay your achievements and abilities to appear 'normal' so others won't attack you?
If your therapist or coach does not have the ability to challenge your stoic facade at the right time appropriately, you will continue to put a wall up and won't progress.

Are You Ready to Reach Out?
Being different and misunderstood all your life have created a deep sense of separation and isolation. The early trauma you experienced as a gifted child does not disappear on its own. As an intense and highly sensitive person, you have a vast capacity to love and to give, and you have tremendous potential that is waiting to be harnessed.

If you can find the right person to work with, they can offer you a valuable healing relationship, through which you can grow into the person you are meant to be. Your therapist will allow you to reach deep insights about your past and present, and at the same time give you practical steps to help you channel your creative potential.

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