This evening I let my 5 year old son try out the free Prodigy Math app and he really likes it. The default goal in the app was to do 10 questions but he ended up blazing through 278 questions, completing 16% of the first grade curriculum and 1% of the second grade curriculum in a single session. It is mostly review for him thus far but I think it is great that he is practicing the basics in a structured way earning the badges one by one, building up confidence and experience as he goes through early material before he levels up into the more challenging topics with entirely new concepts (the app says it goes through 8th grade).

The free version doesn't have all the bells and whistles but it has all the educational content available which is the most important part. I might consider the paid version mainly for myself to have access to the premium parents section features.

They seem to have a similar English learning game too I might have my son check that out soon since he likes the math game so much.

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