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    #249797 - 06/06/22 12:32 PM Health concern overexcitabilities
    empleat Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 01/18/22
    Posts: 7

    I need to tell you little bit about myself to explain..

    I Am a philosopher and I was reading 16 hours day about everything that exists! I Am fascinated by everything to the point it is completely overwhelming! I used to see from 1 thing another 20 things instantly and from them another 20 things, that I never could do anything, because I have also insane SPD!

    And that is while I used to have great short term memory (remembering everything from several pages, that is 4-11% of actual text, or learning like 5 minutes before quarterly test and having best grade in class in high school) but human can only focus on one thing at time! I had problem with prioritizing and was afraid to forget something!

    I used to have new ideas so fast, I couldn't even remember them, that is yet with excellent working memory! They would constantly be popping into my head that I couldn't sleep even 3 hours!

    ... It can be from fascination (complete awe, or when experiencing beauty/unknown) or from strong emotions (I have also emotional OEs - my strongest). When it happens my whole brain activates (it is like I would feel every neuron activating, or feeling whole brain - not even kidding, or like lumps in my brain and electricity or something indescribable)!

    That I start whooping like a little girl, literally I yell laugh

    Problem is I don't think it is healthy! high intelligence risk for...

    I have already extreme GAD and depression and super extreme stress^1 000 000 000. + non-removable stressors! And I also read I Am in risk for autoimmune disease, I already very likely Am suffering from inflammation! I will ask my GP, I read it should be discernible from bloodtest, nor sure about neuroinflammation tho!

    Yet to add: I also even feel like pressure in my chest when it happens, or even little bit pain. It is literally so strong of a feeling! I Am extremely overexcitable! I feel pressure only sometimes and this didn't used to happen, this is from boredom I think. My whole brain hurts from boredom, as I have chronic pain last 6 years and I can't do anything remotely more interesting than a watching a wall, even if I wanted...

    I Am not sure if it is not wearing out a brain, or a body! Besides stress and anxiety ofc. which are my major concerns right now!

    I saw suffering of every person who ever lived from ancient ages until now and so much, it is so overwhelming! Some things cannot be described in words: it is impossible to communicate! They are so profound existential feelings:

    Strongly recommend against reading these! Unless you are already bored, or depressed heavily and don't have existential boredom! Unless you want to evolve! Which may be better for everyone in the end, but I just don't know!

    Boredom reexamined
    Existential Feelings

    #249869 - 07/11/22 07:25 AM Re: Health concern overexcitabilities [Re: empleat]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 3990
    I think your idea to speak to your GP about your presenting concerns is an excellent one. If you have a regular psychiatrist, they should also be in communication with both you and your GP, so everyone in your team is on the same page. (And if not, that might be someone to consider adding, given the impact of stress.) It will be helpful to them to hear all of the sensations you experience, especially since some of the changes in your attention, memory, experiences of flights of ideas and intense emotional and physical responses may have additional meaning in combination with your existing diagnoses.
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