I realize this may be a sensitive and therefore controversial topic. Fully respecting that every parent-child relationship is different and may seem to function optimally with its own unique level of autonomy, independence, or close communication on confidential issues, parents may want to be aware of scams targeting teens through social media and texting... and keep a keen eye out for teaching moments to provide guidance to their children. While this type of scam is not new, there has been considerable recent attention given to naïve teens obeying suggestions made by strangers, after which the teen's lapse in judgment may be leveraged against them as "sextortion," leading to the teen's overwhelming sense of shame, despondency, desperation, and ultimately even suicide.
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"Teen brains are still developing," said Dr. Scott Hadland, chief of adolescent medicine at Mass General in Boston. "So when something catastrophic happens, like a personal picture is released to people online, it's hard for them to look past that moment and understand that in the big scheme of things they'll be able to get through this."

Hadland said there are steps parents can take to help safeguard their kids from online harm.

"The most important thing that a parent should do with their teen is try to understand what they're doing online," she said. "You want to know when they're going online, who they're interacting with, what platforms they're using. Are they being approached by people that they don't know, are they experiencing pressure to share information or photos?"

Hadland said it's also critical that parents specifically warn teens of scams like sextortion, without shaming them.

"You want to make it clear that they can talk to you if they have done something, or they feel like they've made a mistake," he said.

Smart, intelligent teens are not immune to falling into the trap baited by scammers. At least one source which I have seen oft repeated states that "overachievers and student athletes" may especially be targeted. This includes gifted kids and straight-A students.
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Kids are being extorted online, called SEXTORTION
🔴 They target kids, especially overachievers, athletes
🔴 They send a naked pic & ask kid to send one back
🔴 After its sent, they start blackmailing kid for 💰 or they will post it or send it to family or college"