Genes and Intelligence: A Mensa Foundation Prize Winner Discusses Groundbreaking Findings
by Chip Taulbee
March 1, 2022
Mensa Foundation

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Dr. Posthuma has led two large-scale genetic studies resulting in the discovery of nearly 1,000 individual genes associated with intelligence. She’s also the lead author of two innovative statistical tools for gene-set analyses and post-genome-wide association studies annotation.
What do you mean when you say intelligence is about 80 percent heritable?
That means the reasons that random pairs of individuals, drawn from the population, differ in their intelligence is 80 percent due to differences in their genetic makeup.
And for 20 percent it is because there are differences in some kind of environmental factor.
...that’s something that we have known for more than a century.

The article goes on to describe more about the research, and the nature-vs-nurture impact upon intelligence.