The Intelligence Trap: Being Smart Can Be a Liability
By Bobby Hoffman Ph.D.
April 8, 2022
Psychology Today is suggested that smarter people swear more (Washmuth & Stephens, 2022), but surely blurting out a cavalcade of curse words will not increase your IQ. Given this understanding between cause and correlation, we can confidently predict that people with advanced intelligence will score poorly on the following dimensions and behaviors.
IMO, after this quick mash-up of "correlation does not imply causation" the article continues downhill, and appears to be just another smack-down of gifted people, in which the gifted are not allowed to be human with both strengths and weaknesses.

This article may ignore great opportunities which exist to uplift, validate, and affirm the gifted, preferring instead to point to negative results which are apparently the effect of students experiencing their formative years under the educational system's benign neglect and "prescribed perfectionism." This article does not acknowledge the frequent isolation of the gifted from intellectual peers in the classroom, nor credit the gifted with developing compensation strategies.

Your thoughts?

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