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    #249476 - 01/19/22 01:05 PM Anyone suffering from bedtime procrastination?
    empleat Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 01/18/22
    Posts: 11

    so weird it says 3k threads, but there are only 2 pages whatever...

    Anyone here suffering from procrastination, revenge/bedtime procrastination, hyperbolic discounting, executive disfunctions, chronic boredom, existential boredom?!

    You don't solve procrastination by using will, because will has limited resources - it is called ego depletion. It works a while, but then your will runs out and you turn back to same tracks... It is like 1 step forward, 2 steps back...

    But I have 0 motivation for anything... Only way I can escape boredom is by learning 24/7 about everything that exists and even doesn't exist... When I Am fully immersed in my work - Philosophy (can be anything, geniuses escape like this particularly in art) I experience pure beauty and unknown and I become nothing (free of ego, desires, boredom and suffering)...

    But I suffer from chronic pain and fatigue past 6 years and I can't even play PC games anymore, because RSI... And watching TV shows is like torture for me at this point, I saw already all permutations that can happen... And I can't certainly learn 24/7 at this state, I have headaches and millions of problems...

    It is catch 22:
    Only thing which allows me to escape boredom is learning, but because I have chronic pain: I can't learn! And because I Am bored I Am making unhealthy decisions and it is getting worse and worse... Therefore I can't escape, because the very thing I need to do to get better, is the thing I can't do precisely because I Am unhealthy...

    #249478 - 01/20/22 01:03 AM Re: Anyone suffering from bedtime procrastination? [Re: empleat]
    indigo Offline

    Registered: 04/27/13
    Posts: 5008
    Welcome, empleat!
    Originally Posted By: empleat
    so weird it says 3k threads, but there are only 2 pages whatever...
    On the page listing the threads in the General Discussion Forum, if you scroll down to see the Display Options, you may see that only threads "active in the past 3 months" are being displayed to you, providing 2 pages of threads. One can change the Display Options by selecting "from all dates" in the drop-down box and clicking "Change."

    A few thoughts about Boredom.
    What you describe as boredom does not need to be viewed as a nemesis, to be escaped from... it can be a strong source of positivity: a precious time to relax, let go, enjoy self-directed activities such as taking a walk, experiencing nature, exploring one's own thoughts, an opportunity to reminisce, appreciate your surroundings, count your blessings, set goals for personal and professional development, rekindle friendships, create, etc. If challenges are needed, there are myriad competitions available, ranging from sports/athletics to writing, photography, art, music, and more. Volunteerism can also help lend another perspective.

    By contrast, negative boredom is often tied to a sense of being trapped in tedium, without decision-making power. For example:
    - assigned mandatory attendance in the confines of a classroom without access to appropriate curriculum, pacing, and intellectual peers,
    - demands of a necessary paycheck job without growth or development opportunities,
    - immobilized due to accident, injury, or health condition and therefore experiencing sensory deprivation. That said, I've had friends who were paraplegic and quadriplegic, also an elderly blind friend... all focused on maximizing their abilities.

    A few thoughts about Procrastination.
    Did you know, procrastination is said to be related to fear of failure. There are several discussion threads about procrastination, and also about viewing so-called failure not as an absolute, but rather as a temporary setback and also an important learning opportunity. Most of life is a reiterative process.

    A few thoughts about Sleep.
    Sleep is very important. It is related to overall health and also brain function. There are several discussion threads about sleep.

    A few thoughts about Making Healthy Decisions.
    Originally Posted By: empleat
    making unhealthy decisions and it is getting worse and worse...
    It may be important to acknowledge the power of your decision-making and have a very honest discussion with yourself, on the topics of distinguishing between NEEDS and WANTS, and rearranging priorities to address all NEEDS before WANTS.

    #249479 - 01/20/22 05:03 AM Re: Anyone suffering from bedtime procrastination? [Re: empleat]
    empleat Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 01/18/22
    Posts: 11
    I knooooow! I know quote unquote all about boredom!!! I read like 10k min. of articles and philosophical papers about boredom and what not...

    Everything bores me "absolutely" !!! I have already a counter, it is the only thing that ever worked! The "only way" I can escape boredom is in art, or learning 24/7...

    Problem is because I have chronic pain and my insane boredom is perpetuating this vicious cycle of boredom and unhealthy lifestyle: I can't even get there!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah I know about this aspect. This is complicated to explain... I have huge "how would I even call it?" mismatch, dichotomy, split between my logical part of the brain (neocortex) and emotional (limbic system) as people with AS use either their logical mind, or their emotional part - I read... Even I know my emotions are irrational, I can't absolutely change the way how I feel. I heard people with high IQ can rationalize their emotions very well, but can't deal with them at all! CBT is supposedly less popular and stops working after time! And it doesn't work for people with high intelligence, as you can come up with infinite amount of another rationalizations for you thoughts!!! I read sticking to your emotions and being with them is healthy and accepting them, I had mb. tiny bit progress in this area... I know they are not facts, but they mean something, even if it is wrong logically/rationally my emotional mind thinks so and I have to accept it and deal with them... It is not easy, because besides normal problems: I have also literally insurmountable problems, probably even for superintelligent AI...

    Note:I was diagnosed with AS (as a child) after my mom filled extensive questionnaire and with ADHD later... I only recently (couple months back) figured I have OEs! Still I Am not sure what all I have... for instance: there can be overlap between OEs and ADHD. I have hyperfocus for sure and extreme problem with motivation and staying on tasks which don't interest me e.g. I was drawing on my mother's arm already after 5 minutes of boring homeworks from pain! I didn't heard that ppl with OEs would have hyperfocus, rather that it can me mistaken for... But I have definitely hyperfocus! I have so much problems with ADHD in the exact manner!!! I have probably both AS, ADHD, OEs, or some combination of it! I wasn't able to read more about this ATM, because chronic pain and I have bigger problems... It seems like I have all 3 tho, because I have also a lot of idiosyncratic things from AS...

    Back to procrastination: I don't have feel of failure, or I Am not even sure... But I have complex emotional problems, it would take forever to explain... I Am scheduled to existential psychotherapist so I'll talk it through there...

    Yep, new study found it was better to sleep 6 - 6.5 hours - over, or even undersleep was unhealthy and associated with higher levels of beta-amyloid! Everyone has different sweet spot...

    I can't sleep "MAINLY" from boredom tho and because I have aversion to falling asleep, because it takes me 2hours on average, many times even 3 hour+ Mainly because I can't breath with my nose and I have pressure there and on chest and like scaffolding in my nose and it is stiff (I have deviated nasal septum)... But boredom is my problem number 1: it also affects all my other problems...

    Making healthy decisions
    Yep all that is great... But I have extreme problems with:
    - initializing action
    - planning
    - sticking to any activity (working over 10 mins doesn't work)

    I Am so bored to death, I can't stress how much!!! I Am probably most bored person in the world, even more than prisoners in max. not more than prisoners in solitude tho... Hmm not sure about that either, as I Am prisoner in space-time... World is kinda like a prison says Arthur Schopenhauer and I agree. It is in multiple senses prison for me...

    Honestly I Am too real, too rational and I see world closer to what it truly is: I don't want to say here depressive stuff to not cause depression to HSPs...

    Bottom line: I am bored out of my mind and need to do something - anything, but I can't do anything because chronic pain and boredom... I Am extremely bored as I was watching a whole day a wall. I read about everything that exists and that doesn't exist and can't do almost anything past 5 years, except watching TV shows (so I Am literally bored to oblivion)...

    I watched video about atomic habits and this has potential to work - I think. Still it is difficult at best with all of my problems!!! You need to do small changes and be consistent, but if I overdo it (when I start doing something productive) all previous things I was doing before become even more boring, so I overdo it and it is like 1 step forward 2 steps back. Or pain is worse one day, or I Am too bored and mess up my sleep schedule again and it takes me another 2 weeks to fix it, only after 3 days to break it again... All while I Am getting more and more bored and less healthy so it is even harder to get out of this... It is so hard, I couldn't get out of this 6 years. I have also million problems seriously and everything I struggle with, it is near impossible to overcome...


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