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Thank you for the idea of an independent research project, definitely on my agenda to ask her teacher about. I think she would do better with that anyway.

This is a very good idea. Developing her skills to work independently (which your original post in this thread already describes her as doing) should stand her in very good stead when she graduates to high school.

I don’t know much about your situation in the US, but here, in our part of Australia, due to the COVID pandemic, our kids have had to ‘learn from home’ for eleven weeks last year and for nine weeks so far this year. Students who rely on teachers to learn are falling behind, whereas my kids and a handful of friends who are independent learners are turning in work that the teachers have found to be of higher quality than from students in previous years (DD13 showed her teacher a progress draft of an assignment which is not yet due and was shocked that the teacher gave her full marks, before she even formally turned it in).

Glad it registered well. smile
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