I posted around 7 puzzles from this IQ test website on AoPS for the middle school kids to solve.
They struggled with number 17 on this test. However, I believe that any gifted kid especially someone who thrives on a site like AoPS should be able to solve this puzzle, but none of them were able to solve it. I thought it was pretty easy, and I was never classified as gifted in elementary school. I thought I was pretty smart myself when I was their age since I knew how to use piratebay and torrents to download games for free. I figured out how to fix my home computer from the Security Tool virus using YouTube videos when I was 10 years old. I've been suffering from self-esteem issues all my life due to not being in a gifted program, and these kids can't solve a puzzle that I thought was super easy. Of course, the problem is that these are kids and not people around my age. I'm 21. I assume that these Ivy League kids would probably beat me on these puzzles, but there is no proof of that. I did beat a couple of these impressive Ivy League students on almost all of the Human Benchmark tests, but I don't believe they practiced on them as much as I did and I think they would get even better scores than mine if they did.

My life is a struggle.