Not getting the human value part. Yes, everyone has worth but that is aside from the hunger of the connectiveness that we seek as humans. DH was a true intellectual, one of those that went deep and had a fact file like an encyclopedia, liked finding his peers that he could discuss deep. Now I am visually spatial, curious like a monkey, great strategist but I gather info to get the full picture, I go deep when I need to understand something, my intelligence is more about understanding things better. Predicting outcomes, not by tarot, but analyzing the picture. As a strategist. We were actually very balanced together, but he would seek his kind and I gravitated towards adventure in mine. I loved to pick his brain and understand things more, once I connected with a topic. I think we need to find places where we thrive with our type of intellectual differences and sometimes it can be we find someone like minded, or totally opposite but find an outlet the makes us thrive in the way we think. Although I think my way of thinking can be totally annoying because you get this internal itch when something doesn't feel right and then you have to research to tell people why the facts don't add up. Though that could be out of boredom. Like a few weeks ago, BIL, who was way up in Fed govt where they know things like historical flu epidemics. Highly educated. Mentioned that Spanish flu 1918 killed young people in mass numbers. And yes it did. But not 40-60 year olds. I did not accept this as normal, so I dig. Find out the flu started in soldier camp in AL, and all these young American soldiers, 1 million of them, took the flu to Spain and why so many 20-40 year olds died. You are in a trench in WW1 with flu, you are going to die even if you are young. That kind of investigative, strategy visual spatial thing is different than the intellectual fact collecting PG and how they relate to others and what they seek from others is different. In my opinion.