If HG+ people just being themselves and discussing their lives threatens you because you feel the need to be the biggest fish in the small pond, don't treat them.

My existence isn't a referendum on your intelligence. I had no interest in making this into a competition. You're the one that did that.

Your insecurity about your intelligence has made it intolerable for me to even be around you at this point. I don't even dislike or disrespect you; I went to see you because of your knowledge and expertise in your subfield. But if it threatens you that I've done extensive reading in that subfield too, I can't continue to see you.

I usually soft-pedal my knowledge around medical professionals and try to dance within the lines of their ideologies and beliefs. I've done that less with you than with any other therapist because I thought you could take it, and because I couldn't get any useful help with my problems if I did that dance. You should be flattered. This was a rare expression of trust, which I now realize was misplaced.

Thanks for taking my trust and cutting me down at every opportunity.