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    #245667 - 06/07/19 05:51 PM EMF or eIMACS experience?
    jckdw Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 09/15/17
    Posts: 29
    I'm thinking about what to do to supplement my soon-to-be 11-year-old's math education next year. He's finishing up AoPS Algebra 2 right now, which he did in person at an Academy location. There were good things about it (challenging, fun) and not-so-great (not the ideal approach for my very theoretically oriented munchkin, maybe too time-consuming for his first year of middle school and the increase in homework load). Has anyone tried EMF or eIMACS? I like the idea of approaching math from a different angle rather than just moving forward.

    If you did try them, besides general impressions:
    - Are they fun?
    - Is there any benefit in going through EMF for someone who already grasps the precalc concepts?
    - Is it worth the money (either program)?
    - Does the eIMACS course actually apply the logic to math like the EMF one does, or is it JUST logic? I'm kind of worried that what would be most appropriate would be an EMF-type course only more advanced, which doesn't seem to exist.
    - How much time do they take, day to day?

    #245669 - 06/08/19 06:25 AM Re: EMF or eIMACS experience? [Re: jckdw]
    ChrystieATL Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 12/27/18
    Posts: 18
    Have you looked into the Russian School of Math. Google it, they are based out of Newton MA. They have in person classes in many states but also offer online, which we use since we are in GA where no brick and mortar exists. I have 3 kids doing it and I use it as the primary method for my kids to learn math. The public and private school instruction has been a disappointment and doesn't go into depth and teach the thinking/theoretical nature of the problems. School is about memorization and this type of program goes way beyond that. If I could drop every day math at the school I would but they don't allow it. If I was homeschooling I would use RSM only for math. My kids spend very little time like bobble heads cruising through school homework and don't need to study for school exams. They are confident and sitting at the top of their peer class loving it. Because my kids have been doing this for years when it comes to math in school they have just coasted and show up because it is just so easy. They also continue to grade accelerate them in math at school but RSM seems to stay in front of the school content leaving them confident when it comes to math in school. RSM works one year ahead relatively speaking. All my kids are on track or have hit PreCalc or Calc AB by Freshman year in high school.

    The RSM program is 2-2.5 hours a week of synchronous learning and 1-1.5 hours of homework. It is 36 weeks per year and they also offer summer school programs. This program is an investment in their math foundation and future and runs at a whopping $2K a year so it is not cheap. The results are proven and you will see it quickly. They have thousands of students globally and hundreds of sections even for the online courses. As a data point of results they tout the SAT math scores for their 8th graders in San Fran of 723 of 800 vs 524... just one cohort.

    We have no experience with AoPS so I can't compare but everyone who has started RSM has never left. Good luck.

    #245671 - 06/09/19 09:53 AM Re: EMF or eIMACS experience? [Re: jckdw]
    jckdw Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 09/15/17
    Posts: 29
    Thanks, RSM looks good but I'm not really looking for a program that's a regular math class because I think my son will have his hands full with being in middle school. I'll have to revisit it if he settles in and actually does his school homework responsibly (doubtful)!

    I'm more looking for something he can do for fun when he wants to (not much of a time commitment) where he'll learn something kind of parallel to the usual math sequence. He does math for fun, but we're running out of fun things for him to do that I know about. He likes math contest problems okay but not especially, and the local math circles seem to emphasize problem-solving. Like, he would be more interested in talking about how calculus was invented and why it works, or election paradoxes, or graph theory.

    #245672 - 06/09/19 10:55 AM Re: EMF or eIMACS experience? [Re: jckdw]
    ashley Offline

    Registered: 03/26/12
    Posts: 639
    Though I have not really uses eimacs, I have heard that their logic courses are good.
    For learning math for fun, we used the AOPS Intro to Counting and Probability and the Into to Number Theory books where my child picked up the books and worked through them on his own time and out of his own interest.

    I don't think that there is one online course that can provide enrichment for multiple areas of math. There are books that you can provide for various topics of interest, Great Courses Video lectures, youtube channels etc and let your child pursue what interests him.


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