that frog pond paper reflected Harvard's comments at the time, saying they would rather take more kids from styvescant than take the best kid out of MN. Hyperbole here but that is the gist. The kids from Sty were competitive, smart, came from a environment that challenged them and they strove for success. And all of them were in the top 10% or less in a city of 8 million. They also take 7% from the graduating class of Hunter, which is an HG school. So if they are taking 40 kids just from these 2 high schools in NYC, plus the private schools, you need diversity in a way that provides disadvantaged students that would thrive in that academic environment. again, it is that middle would have the hardest time getting in. About 45% get in EA. Whether it is the adversity, legacy, athletes, professor kids. So in the RD, where about 1.5% get in, are the rest.