Our large district runs an excellent small program for highly gifted kids. They have 10 times the number of applicants as spots. What kind of things would you expect to see in the portfolio of a highly gifted middle schooler?

I use the term portfolio loosely because the application is two pages but they seem willing to accept a few extra documents. Our charter school is extremely slow and actively hostile to gifted education and places a lot of barriers to the district test. At the same time the district has a fairly low bar for identifying giftedness. What can I do to round out my childís activities so that her paper application reflects her merits? We signed up for CTY and she takes the test next week. Iíll have her do 1-2 online classes. We canít afford the summer sessions. Her grades and test scores are perfect. She reads five years above grade level. She takes an accelerated math class. Do ECs show anything at all? The program does not accept IQ just achievement data.

(I didnít think my son would get in and we applied to private schools where I thought a wonderful 1% kid would get financial aid. No. Lucky I was able to use his ISEE to add depth to his portfolio and Iíve been assured of a place. )