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    #239042 - 06/29/17 06:48 PM gifted documentaries
    indigo Offline

    Registered: 04/27/13
    Posts: 4884
    Myths and stereotypes about giftedness are widespread and may be difficult to debunk.

    Here are a few documentaries on giftedness, which may be of interest:

    1) learning world: Gifted Children (10:31) - euronews (2012)

    2) Rise (trailer) (7:20) documentary - P. Susan Jackson, The Daimon Institute (2015)

    3) The "G" word (15:26) - Dr. Jim Delisle (2010)... inspired by the poem Don’t Mention the “G” Word (Shhh!) by James R. Delisle
    This article originally appeared in the 2001, Spring edition of Understanding Our Gifted...

    Don’t Mention the “G” Word (Shhh!)
    This poem is dedicated to Dr. Seuss.

    It used to be, when folks were bold
    And words weren’t minced, and truth was told,
    That people spoke a common tongue
    They used a term we all once heard,
    Simply put, the big “g” word.

    But now....shhh! can’t say “gifted,”
    For if you do, you will have drifted
    To a place of ill repute
    Where malcontented folks refute
    There’s such a thing as a higher state
    Of mind, of heart, of depth or rate
    Of thinking, feeling, knowing, being,
    Sensing, asking, crying, seeing.
    These “g” word critics have lost their balance.
    They think that “gifted” equates with “talents.”
    And the “g” word (shhh!) is just taboo.

    Away! Away! They say to gifts
    Thinking this denial lifts
    All children to a common place
    Where people do not have to face
    The truth, that some have deeper thoughts
    Than others, not by plans or plots,
    To use their wits and thus, have gained
    A higher ground of greater knowing,
    A deeper depth, a profound showing
    Of empathy, knowledge, wisdom, wit
    That “g” word (shhh!), it still doth fit
    These children, who’ve become a part
    Of a world that’s known right from the start
    That some are gifted, in both mind and heart.

    Sadly, though, too few take heed,
    They spout “All children can succeed!”
    “...Yes, that is true!” in haste I add
    But when did it become so bad
    To use the “g” word to define
    Those able few whose intact minds
    Race forward, faster, ever strong,
    ‘Tis not a question of right or wrong,
    Or better than, or me ‘gainst you.

    “But I know that the gifted, too,
    Have special needs” we must now say
    For if we don’t, they’ll go away
    To a place where “gifted” equates with “bad.”
    It’s way too wrong, and downright sad.
    For when all are treated just the same
    In this “multiple talents” or “inclusion” game
    Then no one need be tagged or labeled,
    That “g” word (shhh!), it can be tabled,
    Pushed far into the deep, dark past,
    That “g” word (shhh!) might breathe its last.
    (Some may be happy, I’m aghast!)

    For the gifted (shhh!) have always been
    They always shall, for it’s no sin
    To be smarter than some, more able than most.
    My dream? To someday serve as host
    Of a feast where famous athletes talk
    Of that new sensation, the “knowledge jock,”
    And swim for miles in big, deep pools
    Of learning, hoping that others see
    That knowledge jocks. Yes, they deserve to be
    Applauded and cheered, as their minds are set free.

    And if it should happen that this day should come,
    I’ll lead a parade with a big, bold bass drum
    With a rat-a-tat loudness that gives out a cheer
    That the gifted are with us, they’ve always been here.

    They won’t go away, never will, never can,
    So let us just hope that each woman and man
    Will embrace the idea “It’s OK to be smart.”
    And my idea of a good place to start?
    Let’s deliver the “g” word from persona non grata
    And make it a good term, for it truly does matter
    That the “Shhhing” end soon, so our children can know
    That it’s OK to be gifted; it’s OK to grow.

    4) a personal favorite - Misdiagnosis of Gifted Children (14:21) - SENG (2012)

    5) another one called The G Word (currently in production)

    The "Gifted" movie is not a documentary, but touches on many of the experiences which parents tend to post about in these forums.

    #239560 - 08/31/17 07:17 AM Re: gifted documentaries [Re: indigo]
    indigo Offline

    Registered: 04/27/13
    Posts: 4884
    1) Has everyone seen the 2015 education documentary Class Dismissed?

    2) Another interesting upcoming documentary, currently in production:
    Originally Posted By: About Self Taught movie
    ... Are they “successful” in life?
    ... how do they define success for themselves?
    ... what it means to be a self-directed learner
    ... extrinsic and intrinsic motivation...
    A wide variety of definitions of "success" were discussed in this recent thread: What is "successful"?

    Self Taught movie's Production Update #4 talks about college admissions after homeschooling or unschooling.
    For all Production Updates, see the Self Taught movie blog webpage.

    3) Updated to add a link to this documentary: Short film discussing SMPY's 45 years (hat tip to Cranberry) smile
    Here is a thread discussing a related article on the SMPY longitudinal study.

    #245504 - 05/15/19 09:58 AM Re: gifted documentaries [Re: indigo]
    indigo Offline

    Registered: 04/27/13
    Posts: 4884
    More about Self-Taught Movie:
    It is one of the documentaries planned to be shown at the AERO Conference next month (June 2019).
    AERO is the Alternative Education Resource Organization.


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