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    #226072 - 12/22/15 05:52 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    AvoCado Offline

    Registered: 04/11/13
    Posts: 202
    Cute thread! DD at that age was really into astronomy (and still is, but more like quantum tunneling etc these days! ) and for some reason, the nervous system laugh

    #226074 - 12/22/15 06:30 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 3885
    One of mine as a preschooler: writing and making little books, especially with elaborate "pop-ups".

    Also, making educational materials (charts, worksheets, tests) to teach "little kids" their numbers, letters, math facts, spelling, etc.

    ...And yes, they do grow much more quickly than one realizes, don't they?
    ...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...

    #226075 - 12/22/15 06:47 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    LAF Offline

    Registered: 06/15/14
    Posts: 469
    My DD loved to write and make little books too! My DS loved science and liked to draw monsters and dangerous fish. Still does actually….

    #234774 - 11/06/16 05:52 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    Ametrine Offline

    Registered: 05/27/11
    Posts: 741
    I'm feeling nostalgic so I thought I'd bump this thread for the new parents of Preschoolers.

    Our son is now in fifth grade (recently skipped fourth) and still loves numbers and has developed a love of physics.

    #234782 - 11/07/16 06:04 AM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: aeh]
    madeinuk Offline

    Registered: 03/18/13
    Posts: 1453
    Loc: NJ

    Have you ever seen some of the Lothar Meggendorfer books?

    A small museum near the town that I grew up in had an exihibit of them once - they even made a VHS 'documentary type film showing close ups of some of the more intricate mechanisms and devices used - the kind curator let me borrow it once, how I wish now that I had pirated it!

    Some of the themes and actions performed would not mesh well with the mores of Today but it was magical to me andI overlooked that knowing not to judge opinions held earlier in the 20th century.

    If you can find some stuff on him I wholeheartedly recommend that you show it to your pre-schooler. Just pre-filter it first :-)

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    Become what you are

    #234784 - 11/07/16 07:34 AM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    AAC Offline

    Registered: 04/14/16
    Posts: 57
    Mine is 2.5 and she is super into writing letters. She's also into debating. arguing. about anything, as long as she can construct a differing opinion to mine.

    #235070 - 11/22/16 08:15 AM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    Emigee Offline

    Registered: 09/23/16
    Posts: 72
    I love reading about all these interests!

    My little guy is 3.5 and has had a number of passions. When he was 2.5 he was really into musical instruments, especially brass. He basically memorized all the pictures and diagrams in several books about orchestral instruments. In addition to knowing all the major Western instruments, he could tell you their major body parts (tuning peg, water key, piston valve, etc.). He even memorized the typical seating chart of an orchestra. He would make random remarks at the dinner table such as, "Piccolo trumpets have four piston values. But trumpets only have three." This has abated somewhat, but he's still especially fascinated with trombones and can't wait until he's old enough to take lessons.

    Now at 3.5, his interests include: Clocks and calendars; the solar system and the planets; and baseball. He understands the rules of baseball better than I do and certainly has a larger vocabulary of baseball terms.

    (I should say, we don't know if he's gifted or not (no testing), but I found my way here because I suspect that he is.)

    #235072 - 11/22/16 01:29 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    Maladroit Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 10/15/15
    Posts: 38
    DS 2.5 is VERY into cars (knows all the parts), correcting my driving and being the youngest backseat driver I've ever known! He is really into spelling and cooking...and he's not half bad!

    #235077 - 11/22/16 05:51 PM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    NotherBen Offline

    Registered: 03/24/14
    Posts: 313
    Ah, retrospection for me. DS22 at not-quite-2 had memorized How the Grinch Stole Christmas and could recite it, and continued to act out movies, loved Star Wars, and delighted in books. He didn't read until 1st grade, but had an affinity for words and language. At 22 he is an actor and a writer. DS also loooooved Lego (our worst and expensive nightmare but easiest gift shopping for years came when Lego came out with Star Wars sets) and he is so not a STEM kid.

    DS17 at not-quite-2 loved numbers and patterns, knew and called out every. Single. Triangle. On the way to preschool. As a high school senior he is enjoying his Multivariable calculus class (which would be AP if only AP still offered the test). He also loved Blues Clues and still loves to solve a puzzle. Loved Mariachi music and now likes jazz and wants to double major, or minor, in Composition. Liked Lego but not with the same passion, and is much more of a STEM kid. Well, more TEM, neither of them like science much. (DS17 approaches AP Bio as as physicist, which doesn't always bode well.)

    #235318 - 12/07/16 10:31 AM Re: Share your preschoolers passions! [Re: Ametrine]
    JBD Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 02/19/16
    Posts: 45
    So we have no idea if DS4 is gifted, but in addition to more typical passions like Paw Patrol and Transformers, he's also obsessed with math problems. Obsessed. Pretty basic math, but he wants me to ask him questions all the time.

    DD5, when I was still considering her a preschooler, had the more varied and unusual list that some of y'all have. Her passions at the time (in addition to princesses and barbie), were learning cursive, getting speed-drilled on math, puzzles, the female reproductive system, art, space, and maps. (She never has stuck to just one thing. She cycles through interests every few weeks and then eventually circles back around). She also begged for a "squatty potty" stepstool last year for Christmas.

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