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    #234826 - 11/09/16 03:39 PM Intelligence, Genetics, Eugenics
    thx1138 Offline

    Registered: 01/30/12
    Posts: 93
    This is certainly about thinking big...

    Any given couple could potentially have several eggs fertilized in the lab with the dad’s sperm and the mom’s eggs. Then you can test multiple embryos and analyze which one’s going to be the smartest. That kid would belong to that couple as if they had it naturally, but it would be the smartest a couple would be able to produce if they had 100 kids. It’s not genetic engineering or adding new genes, it’s the genes that couples already have.

    The Chinese Communist party has never really sought global domination. They think of it as restoring China to its rightful and historical place as the central culture of humanity. Europe got a temporary advantage, but they’re just restoring the natural balance as the world’s most populous country. I don’t think they have any imperial ambitions to spread China’s borders—they’re not going to act like Nazi Germany or America in the 20th century—but they do want respect and they do want influence and they don’t trust America or Europe to run the world in the right way, in terms of issues like global warming or equality or economic stability.

    Here's a counterpoint to that article:

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    #234938 - 11/16/16 11:21 AM Re: Intelligence, Genetics, Eugenics [Re: thx1138]
    Edward Offline

    Registered: 02/19/14
    Posts: 52
    Thank for posting this smile

    Even if they could pull it off, it would mean nothing once the environment kicks in. Id go on a limb (IMHO) and say environment plays a bigger role than genetics does. One must also define exactly what intelligence is. We all know Einstein did poorly at school.

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    #234940 - 11/16/16 12:22 PM Re: Intelligence, Genetics, Eugenics [Re: Edward]
    Val Offline

    Registered: 09/01/07
    Posts: 3288
    Loc: California
    Originally Posted By: Edward
    We all know Einstein did poorly at school.

    That's a myth.

    Originally Posted By: The Albert Einstein Archives
    After one year of homeschooling, Albert was sent to primary school, entering second grade already at age 6 ˝. He...was considered only moderately talented by his teachers. Yet at the end of his first school year his mother could proudly relate that ... his second term marks again put him at the top of his class. If the stigma of the "bright under-achiever" ... had been justified at any time, now it was no more the case. The fact that, at the age of 9˝, Albert was accepted to the competitive Luitpold-Gymnasium, disproves any observable learning disabilities. Had his grades in primary school not been above average, his entrance into the Gymnasium would not have been possible.

    But, yes, he flunked the entrance exam at the Zurich Polytechnic. Albert left his Munich Gymnasium in the middle of the seventh of nine obligatory high-school years, at the age of 15. When, with special permission, he presented himself for the entrance exam at the Zurich Polytechnic...he was still one and a half years short of the required age to enter that college. Also, as German and Swiss school curricula differ substantially, his knowledge... of French and of some general subjects definitely did not meet Swiss high-school diploma standards. So it was the circumstances that ‘handicapped’ Einstein, rather than his own personal inabilities. More noteworthy than the fact that he failed the exam is that his knowledge in mathematics and physics impressed his examiner in such a way that he invited the boy to his college lectures even before Albert was accepted as a regular student.

    Honestly, and I'm not aiming this at you Edward --- I'm tired of pervasive, yet false, claims that Einstein had learning disabilities or that he was a poor student.

    #234946 - 11/16/16 02:05 PM Re: Intelligence, Genetics, Eugenics [Re: thx1138]
    Edward Offline

    Registered: 02/19/14
    Posts: 52
    Thank you for posting this. I frequently discover what is commonly touted vs actual reality are two separate worlds. My apologizes regarding my unsubstantiated claim.

    Edited by Edward (11/16/16 02:05 PM)


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