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    #209112 - 01/16/15 06:03 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    Cookie Offline

    Registered: 05/28/14
    Posts: 599
    My son would get in readers theater groups and coach the other students in his group on how to read with expression..."Come on you can do this with more do you sound when you are excited? Like this? or Like this?" (Some of that comes naturally to him and some of it comes from having a drama teacher dad who has always done voices with bedtime stories).

    The teachers (this was an enrichment pull out group that was all kids who didn't need special intervention) let him take on the role of director a bit.

    #209122 - 01/16/15 09:44 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: ultramarina]
    Dude Offline

    Registered: 10/04/11
    Posts: 2856
    Originally Posted By: ultramarina
    He wants to read to his class now, but his teacher has (IMO, wisely) tried to diplomatically steer him away from that. (They all know he's different, but no need to overemphasize it by having him play teacher, I think.)

    My DD's pre-K teacher turned story time over to DD, and the class treated her like a rock star for it. DW volunteered to chaperone a class trip, and all the little ones were so eager to tell DW how smart our DD was... in case DW was unaware, or something. It was adorable.

    And as a differentiated instructional method, it was excellent, because DD was working on a different skill set that she was developmentally ready for, while the kids were working on another one, listening along.

    YMMV, depending on the personalities involved. The teacher's attitude here is an important one. If your DS's teacher is hesitant, that'll probably influence the reaction of the kids. My DD's teacher was very supportive and positive about it.

    #209144 - 01/17/15 02:59 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    ultramarina Offline

    Registered: 08/24/10
    Posts: 3428
    I love his teacher, but for various school- and class-specific reasons, I don't think it's a great idea to have him read to them (or to the kindergarteners, the only grade below his). I don't think the gap needs to be emphasized further. He is already doing mostly his own curriculum and not required to attend many class activities or lessons (he can stay at his desk and work independently).

    #209237 - 01/19/15 11:51 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: SAHM]
    EmeraldCity Offline

    Registered: 11/04/13
    Posts: 100
    Originally Posted By: SAHM

    I know he can read but he has been pretending he can't lately. Weird/sad when your kid who has been picking up books and reading them for ages starts pretending they can't read. Combination of not wanting to grow up and realizing through exposure to other kids that not all 4 year-olds can read and not wanting negative attention. (Thanks parent of peer for calling him a freak in a nasty voice. :-/ Parent rant: why on earth would a parent think that's ok?)

    A big hug to your DS.

    #209378 - 01/21/15 06:56 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: Portia]
    aquinas Offline

    Registered: 11/02/12
    Posts: 2412
    Originally Posted By: Portia
    Blatant brag - DS8 blew my mind away again this week.

    I finally found a history curriculum that I thought would be of interest. I targeted a semester to complete the year long course. Guess I picked well. He read it in 2 days. Yes. 2 days. My child who does not read voluntarily. Thinking he only skimmed it, I had him answer all the review questions. Nailed them all. Trying to stretch the curriculum out as much as possible, I had him write a summary for each chapter. I managed to "stretch" it to 3 days instead of 2. Sigh.

    Back to piecing together something. Fortunately, this came with "supplemental reading suggestions".

    *mental whiplash* Your son is quite the guy, Portia. What period was he studying?
    What is to give light must endure burning.

    #209387 - 01/22/15 07:48 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    MegMeg Offline

    Registered: 03/14/10
    Posts: 615
    With a kid like that I'd stop thinking in terms of curriculum and how long it will last, and just teach him all the history you can get your hands on! Fortunately, you can't run out of history.

    #209389 - 01/22/15 08:51 AM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    DeeDee Offline

    Registered: 04/16/10
    Posts: 2498
    Make sure you squeeze in the ancient African empires. For some reason empires attract even the reluctant reader...

    #209423 - 01/22/15 01:02 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 3799
    And don't forget the Asian empires. Africa and Asia are seriously overlooked in almost all spine texts. Often lots of inaccuracies in them, too.
    ...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...

    #209426 - 01/22/15 01:13 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    Dude Offline

    Registered: 10/04/11
    Posts: 2856
    Everyone knows the only ancient empires worth talking about were Egypt, Israel, Greece, Persia, and Rome, and the only reason to even mention Persia is because "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!"

    And by "everyone," I mean the Texas board that approves textbooks, and all that use them as a reference.

    Carthage? Nubia? What's that?

    #210392 - 02/06/15 08:13 PM Re: The ultimate brag thread [Re: CFK]
    BrandiT Offline

    Registered: 08/31/12
    Posts: 52
    Loc: Plano, TX
    My daughter just turned four two weeks ago. She picks up a book at the library that's a 6th grade reading level and can pick any page and read smoothly. Even though she's been reading for quite a while.. she never fails to blow my mind with what she's capable of both reading AND comprehending. I could read when I was four.. but it wasn't books at the level she can read.
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