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    #36790 - 01/30/09 11:38 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Kriston]
    Grinity Offline

    Registered: 12/13/05
    Posts: 7207
    Loc: Connecticut
    Coaching available, at

    #36844 - 01/31/09 02:50 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Grinity]
    Kriston Offline

    Registered: 09/19/07
    Posts: 6145
    Loc: Midwest
    It works now, thanks. Yay!

    It looks so great, Grinity! Nice work! laugh

    #38643 - 02/20/09 06:32 AM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Kriston]
    st pauli girl Offline

    Registered: 01/29/08
    Posts: 1917
    WMI and PSI:

    short answer:
    Originally Posted By: gratified3
    Working Memory Index and Processing Speed Index. In general though, they are memory and speed.

    long answer:
    Originally Posted By: Dottie
    WMI is Working Memory Index, and the tasks in the WISC-IV require a child to recite random combinations numbers forward and backwards, and reorganize combinations of letters and numbers into ABC/123 order. Basically, it's a measure of how your brain can manipulate the data is has for that moment. (This is not the same as long term memory)

    PSI is Processing Speed Index, and the tasks in the WISC-IV require a child to match certain symbols in a page of random data, and is somewhat a measure of hand/eye coordination, as well as speed. It also requires good fine motor skills and attention to the task at hand. The other task requires a child to translate a "code" into another form on a written sheet. Both subtests are timed.

    #38739 - 02/20/09 08:50 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: st pauli girl]
    Grinity Offline

    Registered: 12/13/05
    Posts: 7207
    Loc: Connecticut
    TPS:The 'Transitive Property of Stupid.'

    This is a logic error to which very young, unaccomidated, gifties are prone. It is occasionally seen in parents and teachers as well.

    Here's what happend to us:
    In 2nd grade, DS knew that he could think 'better' than the other kids because of all the teacher-comments, and even in 2nd grade, he could tell that the comments the other kids made were 'rudamentary' by his self-standards. However, because he was slow at things like 'looking words up in a dictionary' and Math facts, he felt that there was something wrong with him.

    I think he saw it as the 'Transitive Property of Stupid.'

    In DS's mind:
    'If I think that kid over there is Stupid, and that kid can do an academic task much faster and more easily than I can, I must be really Very Stupid.

    The other famous example comes from outraged teachers who 'can't believe that their classroom is below DS's readiness level' because he doesn't have the very best grades, or check his work and occasionally makes stupid mistakes.

    The final example is the adult family member who doesn't think that they were/are gifted because their best friend in High School was smarter than they were. LOL! As if there could only be one gifted person in any given situation!

    I guess we live in a society where talking about talents and aptitudes is so taboo, that we don't have a very nuanced vision of the various ways of being intelligent.

    Love and More Love,

    Coaching available, at

    #49944 - 06/25/09 05:29 AM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Kriston]
    Breakaway4 Offline

    Registered: 06/23/09
    Posts: 465
    Loc: MA
    Whew! Thank goodness! I am new to this forum and in reading the posts I kept trying to figure out the lingo. I am fairly familiar with most psychological/educational terms and still didn't know what many things SDP. Thought I had dropped a few IQ points myself! Nice to know it was ignorance and not stupidity. :-)

    #116961 - 11/25/11 06:16 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Mark D.]
    GTteacher12 Offline
    New Member

    Registered: 10/17/11
    Posts: 1
    As an educator and future gifted educator I have found this particular discussion very informative and love seeing all of the acronyms that parents of gifted students have. It will help me as I continue to find my way in gifted education and learn what I want to focus on. Thanks for letting me browse your site!

    #116972 - 11/26/11 03:02 AM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: GTteacher12]
    ColinsMum Offline

    Registered: 09/19/08
    Posts: 1898
    Loc: Scotland
    Welcome, GTteacher12 - do come and join in the current discussions on the rest of the forum, too, and start some if you'd like to bounce ideas off us. We love talking here :-)
    Email: my username, followed by 2, at google's mail

    #120823 - 01/23/12 07:46 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Grinity]
    LPCZ Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 01/13/11
    Posts: 22
    Loc: Ohio
    Thank you for posting this. I kept seeing DD and DS and a number and had no idea what it meant. I am a newbie to the site but love it so far.

    DS9 Gifted / ADHD

    #120830 - 01/23/12 08:35 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Mark D.]
    SiaSL Offline

    Registered: 09/11/10
    Posts: 320
    I was familiar with the other parenting forum convention, where the number shows the birth order of the child. When I first found this forum I was flabbergasted by the number of families rivaling the Duggars laugh

    #133474 - 07/07/12 06:59 PM Re: List of Common Gifted Acronyms [Re: Mark D.]
    KatieMama Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 07/07/12
    Posts: 41
    Grinity...Thank you for the tutorial! Seriously, THANK YOU!!! It is so helpful to a newbie like myself. :-)

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