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    #198102 - 08/07/14 03:43 PM Re: Any non-gifted parents raising HG+ child? [Re: blackcat]
    Val Offline

    Registered: 09/01/07
    Posts: 3296
    Loc: California
    Originally Posted By: blackcat
    I was referencing the studies that show a low heritability in infancy and early childhood and then the it rises in adolescence and adulthood.

    I'm not sure what you mean here; either a trait is inherited or not?

    As for general heritability of IQ in a good SES environment, I have trouble believing that there's little correlation. We have way too many HG+ parents here with HG+ kids for me to accept that --- plus, I've been to gatherings of PG types with PG kids.

    In the case of my 2 PG kids at least, the giftedness was evident in both of them before we left the hospital. People (including the pediatrician) commented on how alert they were during their first couple of months.

    ETA: I'm not saying that IQ disparities between parents and kids don't exist, just that I can't accept that heritability is low or not there because of standard of living.

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    #198103 - 08/07/14 04:02 PM Re: Any non-gifted parents raising HG+ child? [Re: cammom]
    blackcat Offline

    Registered: 05/23/13
    Posts: 2154
    If you look at the correlation between the IQ between parents and children (young children in particular), there is not much of a relationship. It's very weak. So there are plenty of low IQ parents with high IQ kids and vice versa. The relationship is stronger if you compare teenagers to their parents. It seems counter-intuitive, but it is what it is. I'm suggesting that the rate of development for young kids varies so much, that could explain some of the difference, as well as differences in environment. The child who is given puzzles to play with is going to do better with block design on the WISC. So even if a trait inherited, it doesn't necessarily show up in early childhood. There is also research showing that if an IQ test is given to a preschooler, there is only a weak correlation with their score even a few years later. So the scores can change dramatically over time even in the same child. Personally I think it's useless to even give a young child (under 6 or so) an IQ test unless they are one extreme or the other. It may show how they are functioning at that moment, but it's not very predictive.
    Most of the kids on this forum are highly gifted with scores over 130 or 140, and you will not see as much fluctuation with scores that high, or variance between them and their parents (my hypothesis at least).

    #198104 - 08/07/14 04:40 PM Re: Any non-gifted parents raising HG+ child? [Re: Val]
    blackcat Offline

    Registered: 05/23/13
    Posts: 2154
    Originally Posted By: Val

    In the case of my 2 PG kids at least, the giftedness was evident in both of them before we left the hospital. People (including the pediatrician) commented on how alert they were during their first couple of months.

    With my DS, his IQ was actually tested when he was 3 because of a concern about developmental delays. He was a slow talker and slow with some other milestones. His score was in the average range but went up dramatically at age 6, when he was tested again (after a skull fracture/traumatic brain injury). So what I am saying is that even if he has parents who are gifted (who knows but it's probably close), and he got genes that ultimately produce a high IQ, you never would have known it when he was 3. He showed some high talent in a few areas, but his overall development didn't show it. Then he went on to read before kindergarten and learn long division (and other advanced math) at age 6. So in a way, the data makes total sense to me, just given the examples I have in front of me. I was a "late bloomer" as well...things clicked for me in adolescence and I started to do very well in high school but had struggled before that with certain subjects.

    I've seen a lot of posts on this forum where the assumption seems to be that if parents have a high IQ, then their kids must have a high IQ, and it's genetically inherited. Or if a kid has a high IQ, it's because they inherited the magical IQ gene. I just think it's much more complicated than that, esp. when you are talking about children. I don't even know for sure if my kids are "gifted." They are right now, because we have the scores which are probably fairly accurate representations of how they were functioning when tested, but I'm not going to conclude that their scores will stay exactly the same over time because they have the smart gene. Their scores are high enough I doubt they will drop out of the gifted range, but they are still too young to say for sure what the picture is going to look like in 5 or 10 years.

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