Hi All,

I've been lurking for some time but finally registered. Our son will be 6 next month. He's an amazing little guy- taught himself to read early and is a voracious reader and knowledge seeker, and he's also an amazing painter. He's also EXTREMELY intense and anxious. One example of many-- he's afraid of television. Hates to have it on, can't stand to be the room with a television that is on. He's currently in a half-day K program and holding it together at school but falling apart at school. My husband and I anticipate more problems next year in first grade, when he's at school twice as long. We are going to have him formally evaluated for the first time this spring/summer. We have found a psych that is familiar with gifted students. Anyway... she suggested that we have him eval'd first by an OT, as she suspected SPD during our phone consult. He completed the assessment last week (waiting on report) but basically he is a sensory seeker but also sensitive to noises. He has several retained/non-integrated primitive reflexes. The OT seemed to think therapy would help alleviate some of his anxiety, which is often around noises in our environment.

My question... Do you find a lot of overlap between your gifted kiddos and OEs/SPD/Anxiety?