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    #176498 - 12/04/13 06:44 PM separation anxiety at 10?
    jojo Offline

    Registered: 09/04/08
    Posts: 199
    Loc: Australia
    I'm seeking books, strategies, recommendations, etc. for dealing with separation anxiety. My daughter is nearly 10. While she's always been what you might call "intense", separation anxiety is new for us. What started as general anxiety has now morphed into separation anxiety and it's bloomin' hard work. Each time we part (school, sleep, after school hobbies, etc.) is always a drama and it's so draining. What's the best advice you received?

    #176504 - 12/04/13 07:15 PM Re: separation anxiety at 10? [Re: jojo]
    jojo Offline

    Registered: 09/04/08
    Posts: 199
    Loc: Australia
    I've racked my brain about the causes/sources Portia. Yes, she moved schools this year (but we're 10 days from the end of the year and while cyclical the separation anxiety is STILL occurring, despite the fact that she likes the school and doesn't want to leave!)... She only experiences the separation anxiety with me, not from her dad so it's hard not to feel like this is my fault somehow.

    #176586 - 12/05/13 02:50 PM Re: separation anxiety at 10? [Re: jojo]
    jojo Offline

    Registered: 09/04/08
    Posts: 199
    Loc: Australia
    Thanks Portia. Does your child ever turn to anyone else to help him work through his anxiety? Is it always you? have you ever had any success in broadening out his support network?

    And one more question if I may - how do you test for GABA levels? We've collected over the last few months lots of homeopathic remedies, sleep sprays and some herbal supplements, but I've not done any form of medical testing. Something to think about maybe....

    #177942 - 12/23/13 07:23 AM Re: separation anxiety at 10? [Re: jojo]
    indigo Offline

    Registered: 04/27/13
    Posts: 5005
    I recently came across an article and book which may be of interest?

    The article, 10 Steps for Parents and Kids to Tame the Worry Monster Daniel B. Peters, Ph.D. on Huff Post Parents, discusses anxiety. Interested readers can sign up to receive updates from the author.

    The newly released book, Make Your Worrier a Warrior, (2013, Great Potential Press) authored by Daniel Peters Ph.D., lends expert insight to understanding what a child may be experiencing. For example, pages 44-45 suggest that parents may wish to think of acting out as
    a variation of the "fight or flight" response... children couldn't articulate their fears... they were reacting behaviorally because their amygdala, or their emotional brain, was overriding their thinking brain... kids often do not have the emotional vocabulary and/or insight to tell you what is going on...
    Armed with this knowledge, working on helping a child understand nuances of feelings and vocabulary to express their interpretation of what they are experiencing, may prove helpful.

    ETA: There is also a teen/tween version of the book From Worrier to Warrior, A Guide to Conquering Your Fears, (2013, Great Potential Press) authored by Daniel Peters Ph.D.


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