Health Psychology Management Organisation Services is involved in a project which looks into Montessori method for orienting and motivating adults.
What’s Montessori method? The Montessori method published in Villa Montesca for the first time in 1909 under the support of Alice Franchetti Hallgarten.
Represents a system of education addressed to develop and guide the children personal and social growth. It is based on two important developmental needs of children:

The need for freedom.
A properly prepared environment in order to guarantee discovering and experiences.

The Montessori method of education is designed to take full advantage of the children desire to learn and to explore their environment aiming to develop their own capabilities.
Is it the Montessori Method also for adults? The revolutionary idea of freedom implied by the Montessori approach can be interesting also for the adults, expressly those in need of specific educative actions due to social situations of hardness.
The MOMA (Montessori Method for Orienting and Motivating Adults) projects intends to explore if the Montessori principles can be also address to the education of adults and, in particular, if it is possible to create a learning environment where the adults can feel free to express their personality.
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