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    #235329 - 12/07/16 03:53 PM Re: You know you're parenting a gifted child when... [Re: aquinas]
    Pemberley Offline

    Registered: 08/07/11
    Posts: 739
    Your 2E 6th grader - whose special Ed school responds to every concern raised by telling you she needs to learn to self advocate and you keep responding that she KNOWS how she just chooses not to when she feels they are not receptive to hearing it - insists on attending her IEP meeting so she can hear for herself exactly what is or is not included in her IEP. A minute or 2 into the meeting she says "Excuse me - may I interject? I know this all may be frustrating for you but this is my life. One day I will have to walk out of here and into the real world. When that I happens you all won't be there to help me figure out what to do. I have to be able to do all of this independently."

    And we were off...

    She remained polite, focused and calm as she spoke up every single time she needed to.

    Umm... Yeah... I guess they will be taking self advocacy off the table as a distraction when an issue arises.

    #235332 - 12/07/16 05:14 PM Re: You know you're parenting a gifted child when... [Re: aquinas]
    ElizabethN Offline

    Registered: 02/17/12
    Posts: 1390
    Loc: Seattle area
    I was going to ask how your meeting went, Pemberley. This sounds pretty positive!

    #235347 - 12/08/16 11:45 AM Re: You know you're parenting a gifted child when... [Re: aquinas]
    RoyalBlue Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 03/03/16
    Posts: 23
    DD9 told a Fibonacci joke* at the dinner table with our extended family which resulted only in blank stares. Realizing that they didn't know what the Fibonacci sequence was, she tried to explain it. After she had written some of it out, my father (still somewhat confused) exclaimed, "But why would anyone ever try to count like that?!?"

    *"I went to a Fibonacci conference last weekend and it was as good as the last two combined!"

    #235349 - 12/08/16 12:29 PM Re: You know you're parenting a gifted child when... [Re: aquinas]
    aeh Offline

    Registered: 04/26/14
    Posts: 4039
    Not exactly about my own DCs, but this reminds me of when DC#1 was a toddler: my dear sibling decided that teaching the baby to count the Fibonacci sequence was a good idea, while my beloved spouse thought that it was more important to teach baby the powers of two...
    ...pronounced like the long vowel and first letter of the alphabet...

    #235355 - 12/08/16 05:17 PM Re: You know you're parenting a gifted child when... [Re: RoyalBlue]
    Cassmo451 Offline

    Registered: 09/09/13
    Posts: 109
    Loc: Missouri
    umm yeah that would have been completely different at our dinner table. My father (being a math teacher) would have told a lot more math jokes which only a handful of the people at the table would have understood.

    Also when you have to rush home to tell your child John Glenn died before she sees it on the internet or on TV because you don't know how she will react. Yep, she was upset. All the Mercury Astronauts are gone.

    "Imperfections in our journey were what made it perfect."-Ewan McGregor

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