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    #163361 - 07/31/13 11:49 AM Should I share IQ results with my son's school?
    cammom Offline

    Registered: 07/11/13
    Posts: 299
    My 6.5 year old had an IQ test this summer, and scored in the highly gifted category. He currently attends a private school that we quite like, at least so far.
    The thing is that my son is working on some math that is probably about 2-3 years above grade level (long multiplication, some division) and is reading quite well (books around the 4th grade or so). He seems to like school so far, but his skill set is reaching the point where I'm wondering how challenging the 1st grade will be--mainly in the areas of literacy and math.
    I know the school will do some differentiation but I wonder if they might be better prepared with this information?
    I'm sensitive to being obnoxious to teachers or the needs of other students- I just think he's ready to go full steam in some subject areas.

    #163368 - 07/31/13 12:09 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    Peter Offline

    Registered: 12/16/10
    Posts: 249
    If your DS is ready for grade skipping or subject acceleration, when you present with all the evidence, the advocating part is easier.

    Bear in mind that some schools may consider highly of IQ test but many more take above level tests such as SCAT, EXPLORE or SAT more seriously. Too bad, they do not have any test for 1st grader.

    Talk with the teacher from last year. If he/she recommends acceleration/grade skipping, your path will be easier. If not, IQ score alone may not help you much.

    #163484 - 08/02/13 03:04 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    knitwit Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 07/05/13
    Posts: 7
    We are dealing with a similar situation with DS 4.5 yrs old. He is entering pre-k this year and was tested last year and found to be reading and comprehending at a 5th grade level. He can do math around a 1st grade level. I have no idea what they are going to do with him at school this year. He also goes to a private school. We did share his IQ info with the school and the school were the ones that tested his reading level. They say they are going to do differentiation this school year for him but I'm not sure how that is going to work. We are thinking he may have to grade skip soon but right now the school doesn't want to do it.

    I wish I had more info to give you. I just wanted to commiserate with you. I don't think you need to worry about what other students, parents or teachers think of you. Advocate however you need to for your child. We let the teacher take the lead last year and that was a big mistake. We wasted a lot of time because we didn't want to be pushy, obnoxious parents. Now I'm to the point I will start out pleasant but become as obnoxious (meaning lots of emails and drop ins at the school)as I need to in order to get what my child needs. Especially at a private school we are paying good money for. Best of luck to you! I hope your school year goes smoothly!

    #163485 - 08/02/13 03:09 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: Peter]
    puffin Offline

    Registered: 12/11/12
    Posts: 2035
    I did. I don't think it made any difference to anything but it seemed to fall into the category of "things the school should know" along with allergies, learning problems etc.

    Most people seem to have to show the results to every new teacher though.

    #163628 - 08/05/13 02:07 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    edina Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 11/20/10
    Posts: 14
    I would. I'm a SPED teacher and tested a HG student last year. Having those results helped me advocate for her and get her the placement she needed.

    #163630 - 08/05/13 03:49 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    Chana Offline

    Registered: 07/02/13
    Posts: 222
    This year i was able to get a grade skip for my DD10. It took having the whole arsenal. Their own SAT testing results, the above grade Explore test results and the fact that they saw she did the whole 5th grade math curriculum in 3 weeks (the grade she skipped). The teachers were supportive but the principal was resistant. We basically said, here is our evidence that she is beyond just "smart", the teachers say she is done with her work in 10 minutes and having to just sit the rest of the hour. We told them as parents, we cannot allow her to go through that another year. So our choices are a grade skip or we are going to have to take her out and homeschool her or take her to a school that will accommodate her abilities. That approach worked for us.

    #163631 - 08/05/13 05:25 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    syoblrig Offline

    Registered: 05/18/11
    Posts: 329
    IQ results were part of the body of evidence for us, too. For some reason, the principal and gifted coordinator didn't believe or understand the achievement test (EXPLORE), but the IQ test was what ensured differentiation.

    #163633 - 08/05/13 06:46 PM Re: Should I share IQ results with my son's school? [Re: cammom]
    mama2three Offline

    Registered: 04/09/13
    Posts: 84
    I'd say we had the opposite reaction of syoblrig. The school, sort of unofficially, encouraged us to get testing. Once we had the IQ results and shared the general percentile via email, without ever sharing actual numbers or the report, they then did several assessments, ending with the KTEA, which they had previously said they were unable to do.

    All of this helped to get a skip and further subject acceleration with their blessing, which we'd originally been told had only been done once in over a decade. IMO, it was the achievement test scores and the one-on-one interactions the testing led to which caused them to look further at what DS would need, rather than working from generalities about what "typically works" for gifted kids, which had left him rather bored this past year. Good luck!


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