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    #159025 - 06/03/13 09:44 AM About American Mensa
    yuchi0103 Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 04/19/13
    Posts: 9
    Loc: Los Angeles
    Dose anyone apply Mensa Membership for kids? Are there any benefit for join Mensa? Thanks!

    #159030 - 06/03/13 10:30 AM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    HappilyMom Offline

    Registered: 07/20/11
    Posts: 417
    I looked it up a bit ago. Where I am there is an active kid's chapter within the adult one. I've never gotten around to following up however. I'm interested to see what responses you get. I haven't known anyone who was involved with Mensa as a child or whose children were.

    #159035 - 06/03/13 10:47 AM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    Saritz Offline

    Registered: 09/06/12
    Posts: 80
    I was in Mensa for a couple of years, but ended up letting it drop, as there were not many activities and/or the meetings were at times that weren't convenient for me with small children.

    I thought about it for my oldest, but since I didn't feel it was very active in my area for adults, I wasn't sure it would be much better for kids. I think it probably depends a lot on your local chapter and how active they are.

    FWIW, the games are accessible to anyone online.

    #159038 - 06/03/13 10:57 AM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    amazedmom Offline

    Registered: 08/24/09
    Posts: 383
    Loc: Edge of the world
    I looked at it for DD. But here there are no local chapters, I don't think DD would get anything out of it, and I really don't want to pay the money just so she could be in it. For what it's worth, I could join to, but have never felt a need. Now dd has DYS, so I think there is even less of a need. DD does like the online games which are free.
    DD6- DYS
    Homeschooling on a remote island at the edge of the world.

    #159042 - 06/03/13 11:05 AM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    epoh Offline

    Registered: 10/31/11
    Posts: 954
    Loc: N. Texas
    I haven't bothered... I figure I might look into it when he's in high school so he can put it down on his college applications.

    #159069 - 06/03/13 01:33 PM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    Dude Offline

    Registered: 10/04/11
    Posts: 2856
    I looked into it in my mid-20s, and I was the youngest person in the room... by 30 years.

    #159072 - 06/03/13 01:39 PM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    CCN Offline

    Registered: 06/25/12
    Posts: 978
    Loc: BC, Canada
    I was a member for two or three years (I did my testing through them) but never bothered continuing because I wasn't interested in the social events and I found the newsletter boring. I was basically paying for it so I could put "Mensa Member" on my resume, but then realized I could quit and put "former Mensa Member" for free lol (I've since taken that off too).

    #159074 - 06/03/13 01:42 PM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    JonLaw Offline

    Registered: 07/29/11
    Posts: 2007
    Loc: The Sub-Tropics
    I wonder if Mensa is fading into the horizon of the 20th century.

    #159189 - 06/04/13 12:26 PM Re: About American Mensa [Re: yuchi0103]
    Lisa Van Gemert Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 06/04/13
    Posts: 4
    I'm the Gifted Youth Specialist for Mensa, and we have lots and lots for youth. I can absolutely promise we're not fading - we're growing!

    You can find out about what we have to offer for kids here, and what the Mensa Foundation offers kids here Browse the parent/teacher resources there, and especially the Excellence in Reading program.

    Like anything, people get out of Mensa what they put in. For some of our kids, it's the center of the social and intellectual life. For others, they just like the magazine, which, I would say is absolutely NOT boring - it's gone through a major renovation in the past few years, and it's really engaging.

    In any event, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. My email address is

    #159209 - 06/04/13 04:30 PM Re: About American Mensa [Re: Lisa Van Gemert]
    daytripper75 Offline

    Registered: 05/29/10
    Posts: 341
    Thanks Lisa! I forgot to enroll dd8 like I promised my husband I would. I had better get on that!

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