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    #12666 - 03/29/08 05:14 AM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Ann]
    Lorel Offline

    Registered: 08/22/07
    Posts: 970
    Loc: New England
    Well Ann, if you lived near me, DS could come ride on our full size tractor. It's bright red and very "pretty"!

    #12668 - 03/29/08 05:17 AM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Ann]
    HeyDad Offline
    Junior Member

    Registered: 02/22/08
    Posts: 7
    Originally Posted By: Ann
    I just found out that the school district I live in offers a self-contained program for GT kids. Marketing lit says the intention of the program is to “enhance the highly gifted student by…fostering self-directed learning…and cross-grade grouping.” The marketing lit also says the program serves .5% of the district population and that transportation from the student’s home campus is provided by the school district.

    I want to live in your district!!!!!!
    Seriously - what state are you from?

    #12670 - 03/29/08 06:04 AM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Ann]
    OHGrandma Offline

    Registered: 01/05/08
    Posts: 830
    Originally Posted By: Ann

    He'll turn 3 on Nov. 5. For his third birthday DS has asked if he can drive a combine harvester. crazy I sure hope he changes his mind b/c I don't think I can make that happen.

    What about the saying "ignorance is bliss." I thought I'd send you a copy of his scores in a few years and have you patiently explain them to me. grin

    If you are close to southwestern Ohio in November, I could make that happen! We sold our combine a couple years ago when we switched from a grain/cattle farm to a full time cattle/grass finishing farm. But my brother bought it, and we've got lots of friends who still grain farm and have combines.

    #12692 - 03/29/08 01:45 PM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: CFK]
    Ann Offline

    Registered: 02/15/08
    Posts: 179
    Loc: painting the dining room
    Thanks CFK! You've helped me think of more questions to ask. I'd like to understand what's really being offered.

    You reminded me of my first preschool experience, which lasted less than a week. DS was 18 mos, and the director told me she would like to try him in an older class. DS was supposed to be treated like the toddlers with the exception of the curriculum. What actually happened was DS was put on the potty regularly and unassisted during lunch time. I wondered why DS was so thirsty when I picked him up from school. I also noticed that he urinated less. After observing his class I realized that he wasn't getting anything to drink b/c no one was helping him drink out of the cup w/o a lid. He was also only eating what he could pick up with his hands. I felt like such an awful mother. It made me sick! It still makes me sad when I think about it.

    #12695 - 03/29/08 01:52 PM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Ann]
    Cathy A Offline

    Registered: 05/26/07
    Posts: 1783
    Loc: West coast, USA
    Ann, I think it was the teachers who were at fault. Not you. You are a good mom for noticing that there was a problem!



    #12696 - 03/29/08 02:09 PM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Cathy A]
    Ann Offline

    Registered: 02/15/08
    Posts: 179
    Loc: painting the dining room
    Thank you Cathy.

    Yuck - it still makes me angry and nauseous. I watched DS sit at the lunch table by himself while the teachers and other kids went off to do something else. No one went back to check on him.

    #12699 - 03/29/08 03:31 PM Re: Self-contained Public Ed for 140+ [Re: Ann]
    Cathy A Offline

    Registered: 05/26/07
    Posts: 1783
    Loc: West coast, USA
    I'm so sorry your son went thru that. When DS was placed in K when he was newly 4 the teacher didn't put his photo on his cubby like the other kids, she didn't let him have a journal or a pencil box and she let the other kids tell him he wasn't allowed to use the computer because he "wasn't really in Kindergarten." Then she gave him a zero on his report card for "use of technology". <eyeroll>

    It sounds to me like those teachers just wanted to prove to you that your son didn't belong there by making things difficult for him. It would have taken a little effort on their parts to include him but they just couldn't be bothered...

    I'm ticked off all over again just thinking about it! And I'm mad on behalf of your son, too.

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