Thanks for linking to my experience Grinity - I am glad I can be of use (often feel like I'm just asking for advice rather than having much to offer!)

Kaboom, being in the midst of a similar situation I can't offer much by way of advice, but I really would second Grinity's suggestion to go in to the classroom if you can. It was a real eye opener and it gave me the opportunity to see for myself what was or wasn't happening and gave me a much better idea of where dd sits in relation to other kids.

Dd, who skipped kindergarten into a 1/2 composite class, is well beyond even the top kids in grade 2 across - except in things like art and sport in which her abilities are fairly age appropriate. And yet her presentation in class is really that of maybe an MG kid. She's very introverted. She struggles to think on her feet with an audience (one of the main reasons the normal classroom is not great for introverts - they want time to think their answers through) and is very quite (though not shy). If I hadn't been in the classroom I wouldn't have seen how this was manifesting. And it gives me an insight in to why the teacher is responding to her in the way she is.

Lol - it hasn't actually helped me with a resolution yet - the teacher is evading all attempts for a sit down meeting and told me yesterday she would not consider my request for her to scratch the surface with dd!

Best of luck, you've had some great feedback from Grinity and the other posters.

"If children have interest, then education will follow" - Arthur C Clarke