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a minute after they tell me to do the challenge he needs to finish what everybody else is doing so 1st grade stuff.

That is why he needs to physicall be in the third grade room. They have already tested him at 3rd grade level but they aren't 'believing' what they found. It's like an electron blinking between energy levels 'yes I see' and 'no I dont' see' in rapid succession. Which is why you need to step in and take control. They are blithering.
Grinity did you actually go in a classroom to see what was going on?

I was lucky, our particular school allowed the parents to come in and help. Then I visited other schools to see what the alternatives were, and the Montessori school suggested I sit quietly and assured me that I would fade into the rug, and I saw that this was true - the teacher was tremendously direspectful (to my point of view) to a child with me sitting 15 feet away! No party manners there. Then I even had the honor of teaching religious school 7th graders when my son was in 2nd grade, I also got to fill-in homework sit one of my son's best friends- it took all of these experiences to realize that my attitudes about the school system were totally off base. Schools aren't bad or evil. They just are very good at teaching kids who fall inside a normal range, and mine doesn't. Even though his fly is unzipped at times, and he's still a kid, he's just quite unusual.

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