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I never cried in front of them but I had the feeling they thought I was nuts when I asked them to put him in 2nd grade at the beginning of the year.And when we had the meeting with principal and I said he wanted to kill himself the question was :Do you think he is serious?For us it was a warning sign from our ds that he is not happy since he never says anything.

I think it's not too late to go in and cry. Lots of us gifted ex-children have very rich emotions and we work hard to contain them, so that it gets to be a habit we don't even realize we have. But then folks don't really get how upset we are. You can say you had a nightmare and make something up that makes you cry and communicates to the school that you really are THAT upset. You won't be lying - you'll just be translating. AFter all - I get how scared you are by the current situation without you having to translate. It's best to find out today if they 'have hearts' or don't 'have hearts'

I don't understand about the homework...what is he doing in the classroom, also 2nd or 3rd grade stuff? Putting him in the classroom with a 'big kids' is a totally more exciting prospect. Better for him socially, and better to be in a room where the teacher talks to the kids as though they know things and can do things.

It`s weird it is such a struggle because in a school system they make us feel he is abnormal but in our family he is normal.Lots of very smart people on both sides of the family so for us what he is capable of doing we were all doing it so I never realized he was that much advanced.

It is weird, and very common for HG/PG families. I wish I had a nickle for every time I hear this story here. Spending time in the actual classroom is an eye opener - to say the least! If you want to be really scared, visit! The good news it that you can come out the other side more accepting and more understanding of yourself and your family.

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