Right now he is getting 3rd grade homework bout no math in 2 months.

When we had a meeting last month they said to give 3rd grade stuff until they figured out the IEP but I think he gets 2nd grade stuff.

I had a talk with ds yesterday and he said his challenge is always in language(reading,writing)he never has math and he wants math.I think he is too scared to ask because it`s always a no.So he always gets a refusal and it took him everything to ask because he is too shy.He told me he asked her if he could read the story to the class instead of her and she refused.Which would have been a self esteem booster for him because this year he thinks he is stupid and dumb...

His handwriting is great and he writes fast.He was doing all his homework in cursive at the beginning of the year:teacher never noticed,no one taught him he learned on his own but he stop doing from lack of acknowledgement.Then after out of boredom he was doing his homework with square letter (only square line so the "o" pretty muck looked like a square)then 3D letter,then writing with a ruler,then with giant letters And after with letter so small that you needed a magnifier to read!!

I never cried in front of them but I had the feeling they thought I was nuts when I asked them to put him in 2nd grade at the beginning of the year.And when we had the meeting with principal and I said he wanted to kill himself the question was :Do you think he is serious?For us it was a warning sign from our ds that he is not happy since he never says anything.

It`s weird it is such a struggle because in a school system they make us feel he is abnormal but in our family he is normal.Lots of very smart people on both sides of the family so for us what he is capable of doing we were all doing it so I never realized he was that much advanced.