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I have a a 6 yo son that is gifted .He didn`t have an IQ test but the school did a grade assessment.He reads at a 7 1/2 grade ,writes and spells at 4th grade and math 3rd grade.He was tested in french and they tested him in english and he`s at the same level.He`s trilingual.

I agree that he probabably would be fine with one or two kids at his level IF the teachers would provide work at their level as well. I love homeschooling, but it is very very expensive, and you probably are already paying taxes, so why shouldn't the school provide for your kids like they do for every other kid.

The good news is that they have tested him, and see that he is way above grade level. All they need now is the will to place him correctly.

1) do you feel that he could do 3rd grade work at this time? Are the handwriting efforts too much at 3rd grade level? (I'm thinking temporary fix while they sort things out....)

2) Have you cried in front of the principle? Sadly - you need to - the cold presentation of facts just never swayed any ND person.

Think: They won't care how much I know, until they know how much I care.

You need to remember how scary this whole thing is and go in there today or tomorrow and ball your eyes out. If they think you are nuts, then you have to homeschool, if they have any human warmth in their hearts, they will believe you and just give him a vacation in 3rd grade 'for now' while they bring in the psychologist for help, etc. You situation is scary, and getting your own psychologist seems wise. Your child is screaming for help - be glad he has a voice and isn't throwing chairs. Afterall - if you were reading at a 7th grade level and forced to sit in 1st grade, for the 2nd time, wouldn't you be ready to chuck a chair?

((IF you ask for 3rd and they give you 2nd, as a temporary measure, saying that lots of 2nd graders are doing 3rd grade math, it's ok to say yes - especially if the room they put him his has those kids, and the teacher is gathering them together for higher level work a few times a week. But ask for 3rd.))

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