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He was crying not to go to to school,he threatenes to kill himself if we were sending him and my son is not the same anymore.He`s a very quiet and shy kid and for him to be like that means something is wrong.

This rings a huge warning bell for me because my son was once in the same boat of turning into someone else only that he didn't say anything about killing himself but I believe he would have if we'd continued in the school. The change in him was too obvious to ignore. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I haven't much else to add since others have given you such good advice but wanted to suggest how much FT homeschooling helped in our situation. We saw an instant change in him. Or as someone else suggested, if they would agree to pulling him out 2 days a week instead of 3? In our situation we could see that the school was going to remain stubborn. They wouldn't even agree to speak to us or have a conference. So pulling him out was the only thing we could do.

How in the world could they call his behavior "manipulative"? Sheesh...it's making my blood boil the more I think of it.

Virtual hugs.

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