My son learns fast we need 2-3 repetitions and he gets it.
As far as the homeschooling the teacher noticed and she said that it doesnt affect his academic..Principal didnt not know we were skipping school 1x a week and that`s since october.The person that evaluated him thinks it`s wrong because it makes him look special.But we really don`t care we do it for our son`s sanity.He does work at his level that day and plays hockey with his dad.It`s his happy day!!

As far as the challenge work I have no idea what they give him right now.My son is not very talkative about his school days.
I think if he only had one person doing the same work as him it would work out.He likes to work independently but he also likes working with other people if they understand fast like him.I think he starts to realize he has different interests than the other kids and he tries to fit in.

and for the devious seed we thought about it!!!