I have no answers but I share your concern for your son at this point. It doesn't really sound like anyone is on your son's side if they don't bother to find out anything about him and then just say he's being manipulative. I would have to ask why is he trying to be manipulative, what is he trying to get that nobody noticed he should have? I would ask them something like that, but I'm sure there's a more appropriate plan that will get results.

There's been a lot of conversations about kids having trouble doing easy work, here's one: And there's been comments of kids just refusing to do work that is too easy as well.

I read a story online about a nine year old homeschool student who was taking community college courses as part of her state approved homeschool cirriculum and the board of education asked her to take the 3rd grade CAT test. She refused. Her family refused. It was demeaning. Some kids are willing and able to do "baby work" others are not.

Hearing a small kid saying things like yours has said sounds scary. I'm grateful you're so responsive and wish you the best of luck in relieving his suffering.
Here, I hope you have time to read this:
Youth lives by personality, age lives by calculation. -- Aristotle on a calendar