I have a a 6 yo son that is gifted .He didn`t have an IQ test but the school did a grade assessment.He reads at a 7 1/2 grade ,writes and spells at 4th grade and math 3rd grade.He was tested in french and they tested him in english and he`s at the same level.He`s trilingual.
He is currently in first grade and one of the youngest in his class.
We got him tested because he started to hate school.He was crying not to go to to school,he threatenes to kill himself if we were sending him and my son is not the same anymore.He`s a very quiet and shy kid and for him to be like that means something is wrong.It probably didn`t help that he was in a sk/1st grade last year and they put him in a 1st grade this year.Last year teacher knew he was smart he was engaging in her class and he was doing 1st grade work.This year total opposite!!

The results of his test gave him the right to have an IEP but after a month still nothing.They were supposed to give him a challenge everyday in the classroom which my son was very excited at first but now I just found out that he refuses to do them and wants to do same thing as other kids.I wouldn`t have a problem with that but at home he tells me how he doesn`t learn anything at school and he wants to quit school...I told the person that evaluated him and her answer was well he just needs to do the challenge.So now they want to bring psychologist in the classroom to observe him.They try to tell me he is manipulative and I don`t think he is.They are still asking me for his interests and I would think they should know by now.

Right now we homeschool one day a week we do hockey(he`s very talented in sports)and math 3rd grade level and it goes well.The tension in the house is pretty much gone.

I`m thinking about homeschooling.There`s no school for gifted children in my area.The private school we have is too expensive and they work only 6months above grade level.

sorry for the long post but I`m very concerned.So what are your thoughts?Would you wait to see what his current school will propose or homeschool?Am I the only one having a child that hates school?Why do you think he doesn`t want to do challenge they offer him?(by the way he gets harder homework and he does them no problem)