I recently did a certification exam for my job... a really big deal, as I would have to give up my job if I failed. 8 hours of misery with oral, written and practical components. It was more stressful than I had imagined and I was really worried whle waiting for the results. DD 8.5 overheard me telling a friend that I hoped I passed because I was never going to do it again. She told me later that night that I should never say that because I was not a 'giver-upper.' She said that, otherwise, I would be a poor role model for her. How could I tell her that she needs to try hard and never give up if I was going to do it myself? Then she told me that she had faith in me. What a dressing down she gave me. I was totally humbled at the end of it and all I could do was apologize.

I found out this week that I did pass and she was more excited than anyone else. She told me that I was her hero. I want to wrap that up and keep it forever. I swear, I want to be just like that child when I grow up.
Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. — L.M. Montgomery