Today, we were leaving the respirologist -- only the second time we've been -- and from behind the stroller, I asked the alergist "which way?" and DS said "Right, Left, Down." This was not only correct, but his first ever usage of both "left" and "right."

The alergist chuckled, said "smart kid," and gave him an extra sticker.

Actually, she gave him a lot of stickers over the course of about 5 minutes when he was actually awake (he was alseep for the actual test). It was maybe no less impressive the way he played her for stickers... when she offered him a sticker, I said "just one," she said "you can have as MANY as you like!" He said "Ummmmmmm..." and made a really big show of trying to pick JUST ONE -- so that finally she handed him all the ones she caught him looking at. I like the respirologists. They're great folks.

Oh: and the REAL brag!!!! NO POSITIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DS1: Hon, you already finished your homework
DS2: Quit it with the protesting already!