Thought I'd revive this thread...

I read Count Down by Steve Olson the other day. I thought it would have been mentioned here already, but haven't found it yet in searches. It's a book about the Math Olympiad, specifically about the US team members on the 2001 Math Olympiad team, plus their team guide (a former team member). Much of it is musing on how a kid makes it to that level, what the personal qualities are that are needed to compete at that level in math. Each of the main chapters is titled with one of these qualities (eg. Creativity, Breadth..) and focuses on one of the team members. The musing on personal attributes and background seemed to me to tie into some of the recent discussions here (and elsewhere!) regarding parenting. Overall, I found it interesting but somehow a little less than riveting, not quite sure why that is - may have just been the number of interruptions around here. The problems that the contestants had to solve are given, with some information on one or more solution methods.

What I found most interesting were sections where math education was discussed, as well as the section on Melanie Wood's (the team guide) background.