My DS9 also was poor at small motor and gross motor. 6 months of private Occupational Therapy helped a great deal, also with the oversensistivites, and he seemed much more "comfortable in his skin" afterwards. I don't think that my DS has anything "wrong" with him, just what I call, "big head, scrawney neck" syndrome. for example, how is a kid supposed to develop normally physically, and jump off stone walls when he's aware of the underlying bone system, and it's possible shortcommings. Once he got into that room with all the padding, he took off! Note - I am not one of those "physically" overprotective mothers, who scream "careful" when a child learns to walk or carry a dish. (I have plenty of other faults.) In support of my theory, DS9 learned to walk at age one, with little deviation from the norm, but already he was noticibly less likely to fall then other children, having studied the matter carefully before hand. Still I think that his mind was "babyish enough" not to hold him back at that time.

FWIW, I did occasionally let my DS9 sit in my lap at age 4 and tell me what to draw, not sure if it was a good thing or not. I also introduced him to MS Paint, and let him Zoom in and work Pixel by Pixel when he wanted to...again, not sure if it was a good thing.

He also loved computer games and would sit in my lap and play the "big kid" reader rabbit games for as long as I would let him. It did keep him occupied, and we borrowed them from the library. You might enjoy one called "Read, Write, Type" OTOH my SIL lives in a location that has lots of Gifted Kids and she believes that access to computer has is something she would do differently if she had it to do over again. By Middle School, the only boy who is "really into" learning was from a "no computer, no TV" house.

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