I am SO nervous and SO confused...

We have been asking our 8 year olds son school to test him for gifted program and he is finally being tested tomorrow. He is in the 2nd grade and is reading and conceptually at a much higher level. I know he is a smart kid and extremely gifted in some areas. He LOVES science, math and everything space. He has been absolutely amazed with anything and everything space related from the age of 3. When I say this.. he understands and reads concepts that most adults can not grasp.

I just do not know what to expect. He is REALLY excited about this test. I am not sure if he really knows why. I think he is a bit nervous... his teacher told him today that 6 kids in his class have already been tested for the program and none of them were placed in the program. He was not sure if he should be more nervous. He is very comfortable in his knowledge and begging us to have his teacher give him more work. He finishes his work so much earlier then everyone else in his class and is told to read an AR book. That is fine and good BUT I feel like we are failing him.

I am excited for him to be tested... BUT not because I want to be proven right. I am just hoping to finally have a better idea of what to do. It is so hard to constantly second guessing yourself and wondering if he should or should not be tested. I know that I have to advocate for him BUT it is such a fine line of being looked at as one of those parents that think there kids are so smart.

If his scores do not put him in the gifted program that is fine. I just have no idea what to expect and how do I know what the scores mean?

How long does it take to get the test results? I am hoping that is not 4 months like the time that we have been waiting to get him tested.

Please help..

By the way, we live in Orlando, FL.