Now that it is getting warmer, here in Indiana, I'll have to try the sidewalk chalk. I'll also have to try and make some train things that he can write on and see if that helps. He is obsessed with trains, so that may get him to pay attention. It is just so hard for me to understand how a child so small could already be so self critical. But he has always hated coloring from birth, so I never pushed it. But now, it is becoming clear that the fundamentals in learning are harder for him to grasp than the complex notions. He told me today about electricity and how it runs through the wires (we saw an electrical line down this weekend and explained why it was dangerous). With one conversation, he had it down and then some. But with ABC's, writing, cutting, becomes an outrageous, almost impossible, task to even get him to try it or show that he already knows it. On a positive note, our bug hunt was fun. Except, Marshall enjoyed walking ahead of me and humming to himself more than the practice of finding bugs. Wouldn't you just love to get inside their minds? Ah, well. Off to make dinner, again.