Ok, so we are two days into spring break and I am itching for some activities for Marshall (he's 4 on April 9). Computer games tend to be too easy and he flies through puzzles. Hates, actually seems to loath, anything crafts oriented. He is very science oriented, but my knowledge and understanding is limited in this area. All ready, we are getting close to beyond what I know (he was talking about light refraction this week, and I quickly realized we are almost beyond my knowledge...guess we can learn together, huh?) We are going on a bug hunt today at a local park, and then we are going to fly our kites (or die trying).

Does anybody have any activities or ideas for summer? I realized this week that I am going to have to be really creative this summer, so he doesn't just end up watching TV all day, every day. I am a real estate agent, and summer is our crazy season, so it is going to be fun trying to balance it all out. I have talked to a friend who is a licensed elementary teacher about coming two mornings a week and doing some school with him, while I get away for work. Do you think this is too much? I plan on enrolling him in a couple of zoo/science camps for his age group.

One last thing....Marshall refuses to hold a pencil or crayon, and won't cut with scissors. Does anyone have any tricks of the trade that I can use? He claims that he is afraid he will do it wrong or mess up the picture. I've watched him draw his letters perfectly in the sand or something else, but you can't draw in the sand forever. Don't want to push it, but it is becoming somewhat of a hinderance. He also refuses to learn how to read...which, I think he already knows how. I catch him all the time, huddle in a corner "skimming" the pages of a book. I guess in due time, but I didn't know if anyone had any good ideas in teaching a perfectionist how to use a pencil!